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Is libertarianism or objectivism more defensible?

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Which argument/critique do you think is more defensible or alternatively more vulnerable to turns?


Standard obj doesn't make sense to me because seems utilitarian in nature. (ie is starts w/ survival as the ultimate goal)


Also libertarianism doesn't use sexist language as much as Ayn Rand does.


Other thoughts???? Or is there another or better alt (or framework) for the coersion argument?

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Libertarianism is more succeptable to turns I think. Objectivism not so much if you know what you are doing .


EDIT: To dude down below to me, actually I think you are right. Excuse me, not thinking at the moment. Objectivism is a difficult subject to deal with, especially in policy debate circumstances.

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Clearly I don't think either are good ideas or args, but I don't want us to get side-tracked on that front.


It seems to me that objectivism is better (or at least has the stronger cards I have seen) on two fronts: (1) It has super strong impact cards. Though there are probably great libertarianism ones I haven't seen. (2) The ethical framework stuff for objectivism is just better. If you want to take a page from the Levinas debates and construct an ethical framework as the way to evaluate the round, then clearly objectivism has the stronger cards and more thorough arguments.


I think this is the only time I have ever defended objectivism in any form or fashion. I don't like the feeling.

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