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MIFA Policy Debate Committee Meeting Saturday, July 11 1PM @ SDI

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Hi MI Debate!


The MIFA Policy Debate Committee will be meeting this Saturday afternoon at the Spartan Debate Institute. I will be shortly securing a particular room, but we'll be in the dorm hall for the camp which I think is on the East side of campus. When I get the specific location worked out, I'll put out another posting.


We have some important issues to work out. I'll outline two:


1) Now that the schedule for the three MIFA State Debate events has been synchronized (Novice Policy, Varsity Policy, Legislative) into one weekend it falls on us to figure out how to accommodate that change. Things we'll need to talk about include how to make judging work, who would run/operate the Policy tournaments, possible changes in schedule etc. The Forensic Council expects us to deliver motions to them in August.


2) Someone, please step forward to take the role of Chair. We can do this with elections or mutual agreement, but my student teaching schedule in 2009-2010 will not permit me to attend Forensic Council functions during that time.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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we'll be in the dorm hall for the camp which I think is on the East side of campus.


If you are going to be in the same building of the SDI, the SDI is in Hubbard hall, which is on the East side of campus.

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Thanks, that's helpful! I'm waiting on a list of lab rooms in Hubbard from the SDI staff, so that I can get permission from a lab leader to use their room for the meeting.

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A couple of solutions to Orion's unavailability to serve as debate chair were discussed.


Most of the discussion focused on changes necessary to make the state tournament function as best as it can. These changes would have to be approved by the debate committee and the forensics council before becoming valid. Legislative debate will likely function largely the same as it did last year -- as a one-day tournament on Saturday.


The major changes to the policy tournaments include --


1. Mutual Preference Judging or (MPJ) will be implemented at both policy tournaments. Judge assignments will be done across divisions simultaneously. The MPJ system will replace the elimination judge selection process. Separate preference sheets may be submitted for varsity and novice and for prelims and elims.


2. Judge certification now only requires (a) a signing of the ethics statement and (B) submission of an online paradigm roughly one week prior to the tournament. The paradigm sheets will include a slot for the number of rounds judged on the topic. The MPJ system would allow teams to strike judges with little topic experience.


3. One judge per round. To reduce the strain on the judge pool and strain on programs to provide judges, varsity rounds will have one judge in the back of the room. Novice teams will still be four-person. The total judge commitment for a team would be 1.5 judges, if they have both a varsity and novice team competing.


4. The number of elimination rounds will depend on the number of entries. That is, if there are seven teams in a division, it will not break to quarterfinals. Also, the number of prelim rounds will be six for a big division, five for a small division.


5. All schools will debate within their school classification, A, B, C/D. Schools may petition up from their reported class size. This would differ from the current system, where a Class B school could be placed in Division III to create roughly equal numbers in each division.


6. The seeding of teams will take place by an e-mail vote before the tournament.


7. Tournament structure. Something like this was suggested:



Round 1 Novice / Round 1 Varsity

Round 2 Novice / Bye round Varsity

Round 3 Novice / Round 2 Varsity



Round 4 Novice / Round 3 Varsity

Round 5 Novice / Round 4 Varsity

Quarters Novice / Round off Varsity (big division) / Round 5 Varsity (small division)

Semis Novice / Round 5 Varsity (big division) / Semis Varsity (small division)

Community Banquet

Finals Novice / Round 6 Varsity (big division) / Finals Varsity (small division)



Quarters - Varsity (big division)

Semis - Varsity (big division)

Finals - Varsity (big division)



Changes to fees --


1. The $25 fee for not participating in a MIFA league will be eliminated


2. The $75 fee for 'commitment' to debate, as well as the other commitment fees for other events will be eliminated, and instead, the base membership fee will increase to compensate for lost revenue.


3. Fees will be reconsidered for the novice and varsity tournaments.

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Personally, I have to say "wow". All around, it looks like a productive meeting. This seems like a good step towards improving the state tournament for all involved. Thank you to all who were there for the work they've done for debate in Michigan.

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