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Dartmouth Debate Workshop (DDW)

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I'll be going to DDW this summer (in a week :eek:) and I have a few questions for anybody that's been there before or for anyone that might have ANY idea. (these may seem like some dumb questions, but bear with me here.)


How many tubs? How much paper? Should I take my computer and cell phone? Any other important advice?



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Actually, my sister will be going there this summer as well!

I'm pretty sure that you ARE allowed to take cellphones, but there may not be much time to use them, or there might be some service problems. But no worries, because regardless, there will be phones that you can use in your dorm so you can contact family and friends.

Have fun and learn lots! :D

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The Dartmouth Debate Workshop is winding down and so I wanted to announced to the public that they can check out what our first 2 weeks have looked like. The wikispaces has been updated daily with lectures, files produced, citations, useful curriculum innovations, and as much info as possible to allow for a virtual camp experience.




or get our lectures by searching for our FREE podcast on itunes "Dartmouth Debate"


Let me know if there is anything else y'all would find helpful.


You can expect the same thorough and complete converage for the DDI, as has been our tradition for the last few years.



Nicole Serrano

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