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Cede the Political

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Critique alternatives that reject certain progressive reforms within the system (and in theory call for a larger transformation of that system that better achieves those same progressive goals) are deployed in practice by anti-progressive forces only to shut down that reform, but the second step of changing the system is of course disengenously not supported or deemed unfeasible. For example, it's better to have the piecemeal reform of social services. Rejecting it on the grounds that we need a total revolution against capitalism only strengthens conservativism, which also wants a rejection of social services, but of course the anti-capitalist revolution remains unfulfilled because it does not gain the necessary social support. Rorty and Boggs make this argument very well and many of the best judges will vote on this.


Synergy pretty much got it right. You might also want to try William Rasch, in some instances.

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