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National Catholic Forensic League Nationals

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Just as an update:


Double Octofinals:

Greenwood GM

Pembroke BS

Pembroke BA



Pembroke HV


Good luck at NFLs everyone

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This year the Kansas City/St. Joseph Diocese had 5 teams at NCFLs. I wanted to bring this up in the thread because recently MSHSAA approved schools to attend one tournament after districts during the school year. This one tournament could include NDCA, the TOC, or NCFLs. The past policy was that a senior-senior team could attend the NCFL tournament, but that is a rarity. The teams that went to the tournament this year were able to attend because our school year ends before the tournament starts. Now the luxury of going to the tournament could be provided to many.


The qualification process is conducted by Randy Pierce, Pattonville Coach and head of the diocese. The qualification process could potentially expand to actual district competition. I think it is important that more Missouri schools start joining so as to be even more prepared for NFLs and to achieve more national recognition. NCFLs is made for the versatile teams that come out of this state and allows you to compete in front of a variety of judges and teams. The tournament might appeal to Missouri coaches for many reasons because of the efficiency of the tournament (5 prelim rounds), no oral critiques or disclosure of decision, and to provide even more debaters and speech kids with a nationals opportunity.

This years policy tournament had 121 entries. I hear the tournament overall had 2009 entries (forrealz). Hit up your coaches and express your interest! it's in omaha next year, which would be an easy drive for missouri teams.



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Just a quick clarification on the rule changes this year. Actually, a team could go to either TOC or NDCA, plus NCFL. There were actually two rule changes this year. The first one allows a school to compete in one tournament post the end of season in Missouri (April 1 - This doesn't include state). The second rule change says the end of the school year is either when a school is no longer in session, or the Friday before Memorial Day, whichever comes first. This means NCFL will always be a tournament a team can go to, because it is traditional over Memorial Day weekend (competition is Saturday and Sunday).


A quick note about NCFL. This is the second year I have traveled to NCFL as a judge for Pembroke, and I must say that I am quite impressed with the tournament. In my 15 years around this activity, I have never before seen a tournament that runs as on time as this one. I do hate that the opening meeting on Saturday is at 6:30 am, but every single round happens on time, or early!! I have never seen that, especially at a national tournament. I have not seen the IE side of things, but it is my understanding that they are just as efficient. In addition to the efficiency, the level of competition is probably better than that at NFLs (especially in policy). I judged more than my fair share of crappy teams this year (of the 5 prelim rounds, none of the teams I judged broke), but the upper echelon is really good. For the most part, the judging is pretty solid (except for the fact that they allow me to judge), and you get 3 judges in every round, so there is always a decision (no splits like at NFLs). The one thing that will keep MO teams from going to NCFL (besides the cost) is the judging requirement. Greenwood actually brought more judges than debaters!!


I would encourage all coaches to at least look into NCFL next year, as the tournament is being hosted in Omaha, so the transportation costs are not prohibitive. It is a really warm-up to NFLs if you have a student that can do well, and it is a way to give national tournament experience to someone who didn't qualify to NFLs.



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