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Liberty U bans Democrats

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As for R rated movies, its true that you've selected educational movies, but what about slasher films? Though i like movies, not a lot of movies are educational.


That's the problem with censorship. You can't stop the awful ones without also blocking things that make people think differently about the world they live in.


plus, the things that get films censored are often the things that make them thought-provoking. anyone who's seen the holy mountain can attest to this.

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I looked throughout the website and I can't find the rule book anywhere. I don't think it really matters though, the only real degree you can get from there is a nursing degree which still requires you to be licensed and take a test given by the government. Plus, I can't imagine you can ever transfer your credits out except to other fundamentalist college that can't get accredited.


Say what you will about Liberty. At least they give you a degree that's worth more than the paper it's printed on. Plus, at least they only take college kids. Pensacola Christian College also teaches high school.

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