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This is a really bad card. The only qualification Ross has is that he started a group of anti-nuclear New Zealand hippies, and his only warrant for concluding NW -> extinction is a very scientific and complex chart of dots.


"Here is a chart with 6,000 dots divided into 100 squares. The one dot in the centre represents all the explosive power of allied bombs dropped in WWII - equal to 3,000,000 tons of TNT or 3 megatons. Millions were killed. We have enough for about 6,000 WWII's. The dots in just one of the 100 squares represent the firepower to kill all life on earth. We have made enough weapons to kill everyone on earth many times over."


Reading this card is a waste of breath, and relying on it to answer any "nuke war doesn't cause extinction" card ever written is a default loss ("who bombs Australia?" decimates this card in three words). If you want qualified scientific evidence on this question, check out the recent work done by Alan Robock and Owen Toon, as well as a few articles related to the original TTAPS studies.

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