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Dr. Fox On Socks

Trivia Thread: Round III

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72 hours elapsed, we got 23 of the 30 companies. They are:


3M Company

Alcoa Incorporated

-American Express Company

-AT&T Incorporated

-Bank of America Corporation

-Boeing Corporation

Caterpillar Incorporated

-Chevron Corporation

Citigroup Incorporated

-Coca-Cola Company


-Exxon Mobil Corporation

-General Electric Company

-General Motors Corporation

Hewlett-Packard Company

-Home Depot Incorporated

-Intel Corporation

-International Business Machines

-Johnson & Johnson

-J.P. Morgan Chase & Company

Kraft Foods Inc.

-McDonald’s Corporation

Merck & Company, Incorporated

-Microsoft Corporation

-Pfizer Incorporated

-Procter & Gamble Company

United Technologies

-Verizon Company

-Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated

-Walt Disney Company


And the scores:

Wise, Talking Trash Heap 9

Fox On Socks 2 (neg for Ford, Cargill, and Chrysler (not publicly traded))

King Max 2

FogHorn Leghorn 2

jshepard 0 (neg for AIG)

TheHutt 4

stantheman 0


WTTH wins, post the next question.

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