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Trivia Thread: Round III

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The main reasons the old trivia threads have now dried up are (1) people answering way more than their fair share of questions in a single post, foreclosing others from participating, (2) question posters not being active enough to rule on whether answers were correct, and (3) as a result of 1 and 2, we ended up with laundry lists of questions, most of which were either so easy one person would get them in a single post or so arcane that nobody would get them and they would remain active, but forgotten.


I really like Sev's idea for the sports trivia, so I think that will work as a good model for a Trivia Round III.



1. There are multiple answers to every question, like a list. The goal is to name as many as you can. This will necessarily limit the types of questions that can be asked, but I don't think we'll be short of questions.

2. Every question must have at least three correct answers, and if you post the question, you must know at least three answers (so don't ask for the names of the judges on Albania's Supreme Court if you don't know at least three...). You must also have a reliable way of finding out any of the answers you don't know. Wikipedia=not reliable.

3. If you post the question, you may participate in responding, but you may not post the first answer.

4. Only one response at a time (one answer per post). Do not double post. You must wait for someone else to post an answer before you can follow it up.

5. Whenever there is a drought for 24 full hours, any participant can declare the thread dead and force a count. The drought must be active--if there was a drought for 30 hours but someone posted another answer, you can't call it dead until there is another drought. However, every question ends after 72 hours (3 days) no matter when the last answer was given.

6. The user who posts the question will be questionmaster and will be responsible for judging and tallying scores if the answers are not easily googled. In addition, the questionmaster can declare a question dead once all possible correct answers have been given. But, to prevent abuse, the QM may be overruled by the mod.

7. Once a count is called for, we see who wins. The winner of the question gets to ask the next one (or defer to another user). In the case of ties, the winner will be whichever of the high-scorers posted the first correct response.

8. Only one question at a time. If this gets really popular, I may open another thread or consider shortening the 24-hour dead count, but for now this is how it is.

9. Don't be a dick--by posting in this thread, you agree that you didn't look it up online or anything. Seriously, don't be dicks. Just ignore this thread if you're gonna do that.

10. Right answers are 1 point, wrong answers count for negative 1 point.

11. If you post to find that someone posted the same answer seconds before you, do not edit or delete your post. Make a new post with a new answer (okay to double-post in this situation). Editing is bad. Edited posts will be counted as -1 point, regardless of the content therein. Posts that duplicate an answer already given will be ignored; they do not count for any points (+ or -) and do not reset the 24-hour dead clock.

12. Answers will be construed liberally in favor of the answerer. Unless the question says otherwise, spelling doesn't matter (as long as the intended response is obvious) and commonly-used names/titles are sufficient. For people, be as specific as needed to identify the person, this usually means that last names alone will be sufficient but, for example, "Bush" or "George Bush" would not be sufficient for a presidents question. Insufficient responses will be counted as incorrect unless the answerer posts the sufficient response as the very next post in the thread (okay to double-post here too); then the insufficient post will be ignored and the sufficient post will be counted.


Alright, first question:


Name all the world capitals that have hosted a modern Olympic games.

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Also, everyone, please re-read the rules (specifically #4). One answer per post, even if you know more. Otherwise we'll have the problem we did before where the first poster could ruin it for everyone else.

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Here are the scores for this round:

neural link -1 (Sorry Rayl, rookie mistake, Sydney's not the capital...)

Snorlax 4

Stow -1 (the question says "world capitals")

Just Socks 5

Rita Repulsa 1 (although English characters are preferred)

King of All Cosmos 0

brooklynkid -1 (Barcelona is not the capital)


Other correct answers were: Stockholm, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Oslo (the only world capital to host a winter games).


Since I won, the next question is:


Name the U.S. Presidents who died while in office.

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