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Dropped Arguments

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And they say there is no practical use for spreading in the real world.



If the bill is 946 pages, it would take him about 54 minutes at that speed. Where did they get 8 minutes from?



It's really 34 seconds per page, not 3.4 seconds.

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Herein lies the "original sin" which gave birth to the supersonic shitspread: a "dropped" argument COMPELS the judge to award the decision on the basis of patent absurdities - slippery slope city. The "judge" cannot exercise independent thought, but is a mere scrivener in the hands of precocious enfant terribles.


And over the course of more than three decades, and more than a thousand debates judged, I've been just as guilty as everyone else. I've mindlessly followed the Dogma of Droppsy right into the Heart of Dumbness. (Oh, the horror!)


No more. The next time some debater argues to me - with a straight face - that a one-cent increase in the price of a Sierra Leone postage stamp will cause galactic extinction... dropped or not, I reserve the right to write:


"RFD: K-9 Karma Turn - I had a spontaneous vision of all the puppies I've killed telling me that extinction = good."


and to think i believe this man won the NDT! Makes me want to go back to UH.


I guess i'm going to take the most tolerent approach to this.


ground rules.


1) if the argueemnt is dropped throughout the round never touched by one team. then by my accounts it to be given full weight as if its well soruced etc.


2) if the aff or neg didnt directly answer it in the constructive but extends an arguement from another flow or whatever that actually answers it (and doesn't differ from its explanation on the other page, i.e. it cant mean to different things on two different pages) then i'll compare evidence and listen to the arguements both ways. this does not mean if the other team has a compelling reason why the drop shouldn't be answered that i won't listen to a theoretical objection.


3) just don't drop arguements (that will hurt you) and you don't have a problem.

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