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Forum Rules and Manual of Style

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Hey, it's a new forum, sweet. For everyone who has been asking LD, PF, Congress and Parli questions in the main forums, first, sorry about the CX kids mocking you, second, this is now the place for those questions.


While Tammie and I get things set up, here are the basic forum rules I'll be enforcing, mostly copied from my rules in NDD.


1. Be respectful. Disagreements are to be expected in these forums and are part of a healthy discourse, but we reserve the right to edit or delete posts that are disrespectful of others. This includes ad hominem attacks, racism, sexism, homophobia, and other insults.


2. Since this thread is designed for LD, PF, Congress, Parli and other debaters to come for help and support, there is zero-tolerance for mocking those events or their participants. There are plenty of other forums on this site to do that. Legitimate criticism or comparisons of an event or its elements is fine, but one-liner insults and unwarranted attacks on an event or its participants is not.


3. Please cite your sources and also include the full text of posted articles since links expire, may be blocked by school filters, or require subscriptions.


4. It is possible (even likely in the first few months) that you want to talk about something that doesn't have a thread yet; great! You get to create it. But for a forum designed to fully cover at least four different events, organization is very important, so please follow the style guidelines below and don't be offended/discouraged if we are more aggressive at editing titles and posts than you are used to in other forums.


5. Spam, NSFW (Not Safe For Work/School) content, and threads which clearly do not belong in this forum will be moved, edited, or deleted at our discretion, without warning.


6. Be funny and entertaining. More of a guideline than a rule. But it's always more enjoyable reading funny or well-written posts.


7. My "door" is always open. If you have questions or comments about my moderating, feel free to PM me. If you think that the issue is relevant to more users than just you, or you are dissatisfied with my response to a PM, you may create a thread about it. I will not delete or alter critical threads unless they violate one of the above rules.



How to Title Threads

Please help keep things organized by titling threads in the following format. Tammie and I will also try to keep popular/current threads stickied. For PF and LD threads that pertain to a specific topic, please also include the resolution in your first post.


PF Threads: "PF-<Mmm YY> <brief topic>: <thread purpose>"

E.g. "PF-Jan 09 Alt. Energy: Must Con Defend Gasoline?"

Or "PF: Help Me" for help that pertains to more than one topic or the event generally


LD Threads: "LD-<Mmm/Mmm YY> <brief topic>: <thread purpose>"

E.g. "LD-Jan/Feb 09 Int'l Court: General Discussion"

Or "LD: Commonly Used Values & Criteria"


For Congress and Parli (and any other event covered by this forum), just do something similar:

"<Event>-<time info (if relevant)>: <Thread Topic>"


After I talk with Tammie, these may change, but follow them for now.

Edited by Fox On Socks

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Ian -- sounds good to me. As a novice mod, I will defer to your wisdom. Sounds good.

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Thank you all for the re-election. The above rules will not change.


Please remember to keep new thread titles roughly consistent with the guidelines listed above. This forum is a catch-all for every topic pertaining to several entire events, so keeping the threads organized and easily searchable is important.


Other mods, please continue moving all threads in your forums that pertain solely to non-Policy events here so that this forum remains a one-stop-shop for help with those events.


-Dr. Fox On Socks

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