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Wrong, the plan for Grapevine decreases Defense contracts in the military and reallocates that funding to alternative energy for mass transit.


Kinkaid increased subsidies for alternative energy for mass transit, net benefit was heg good.


Judges voted on securitization = root cause of conflict, it doesn't matter if heg can stop it if it only stops things that it created in the first place.



Anyone know speakers?



CP can't access ethics because CP is couched in an anthropocentric mindset, they read levinasian ethics must extend to animals as well.


All I know is

1. Steven Murray (Westwood MG)

2. ???

3. ???

4. Brian Kersch (Westwood KX)

5. ???



(surprising that my team only looked for people who got speaks from our team, I know...)


not in order


Rishi Shah (Bellaire)

Kelly Cunningham (Churchill)

Mario Villaplana (Churchill)

Alex Nasr (Colleyville Heritage)

Andrew Murray (Colleyville Heritage)

David Jagneaux (Grapevine)

Layne Kirshon (Kinkaid)

Brian Kersch (Westwood)

Steven Murray (Westwood)

David Mullins (Westlake)

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Westlake ran an aff to do nuclear subs, greenhill ran "T/kritik - AE not NP with an extinction impact and common sense-ish democracy impact in it too" they also ran counterplan to do the plan through the department of interior basically a PIC out of DOD, Net benefit was a cool Disad about dod enforcement leads to multiple case turns, case.


Westlake answered it


Greenhill answered the 2AC in the block was T/kritik; CP; DA; Case


1AR was good


greenhill drops permutation do the counterplan, because they answer the wrong extended permutation, and jbake and dmull dominated the hell out of cross-x to prove the counterplan is not competitive, as well as went for risk-of-a-link theory and said uniqueness and internal links are yes or no questions and that basically err aff on permutation, and they also went for their substance in the 2AR and did a great job on it.

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any updates from semis?

greenhill BL (n) d. grapevine MP 3-0

BL went for 'clean' PIC


westlake MB (n) d. greenhill KK 3-0(?)

MB went for cap

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