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Flint Hills NFL: January 16-17

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Hello Everyone,


This year the Flint Hills NFL Qualifier will be held on January 16-17 at Topeka High School. We are looking for anyone who is interested to judge. Anyone interested must have graduated at least two years ago.


Here is the schedule:


Friday, January 16th

Round 1: 3:15

Round 2: 4:45

Round 3: 8:00


Saturday, January 17th

Round 4: 8:00

Round 5: 10:00

Round 6: 12:00

Round 7: 2:00

Round 8: 4:00


If you are interested/available to judge, there are several ways to contact me:


1. Email Me: Dustinrimmey@gmail.com or drimmey@topeka.k12.ks.us

2. Call the Topeka High Debate/Forensics room: 785-295-3226

3. PM Me on this danged old website.


With hope, we will see you in sunny Topeka next weekend,

Dustin Rimmey

THS Assistant Debate/Forensics Coach

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What is the weather forecast?


According to the weather channel, right now it is a brisk 13 degrees ferenheit, with the wind chill it feels like it is 4 degrees.


Tomorrow the high is a blazing 34 degrees (feels like 24) with a low of 14 degrees (feels like 1 degree). In and around room 103 (McComas's room/Tab room) it will feel like the 10th circle of hell.


I will post Saturday's forecast and the Pam McComas death report tomorrow evening.

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I worry about my friends from the Flint Hills when they have to travel in winter weather.


I worry about my friends from Kansas City when they have to drive.

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the semis round was


shhs ginn/overbey def waru goossen/shultz

t-high bevens/partner def waru eyman/fritsch


after this round there were 3 teams with 1 down and the 2nd waru team was eliminated with their 2nd down. so the qualifiers are...


waru: goossen/shultz

shhs: ginn/overbey

t-high: bevens/hamilton


*if any of this information is incorrect, blame it on andrew ginn.

Edited by dhanson

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