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Neg against Windians

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"The definition of fx if that the plan takes multiple steps before being topical."

- Jared


Um.. No. Fx T says that the plan itself isn't topical. Vacuum Test prevails. If you have to look to solvency to be topical, you are Fx.


Ex. The United States Federal Government, namely congress, will amend PL 480 title II to allow food aid directed to ALL of Sub-Saharan Africa to be procured from African sources.


This only allows for PHA to be increased, it doesn't increase it. The Steps definition is stupid. EVERY case takes steps. Even passing a plan is a step. Where do we draw the line? Extremely arbitrary and = next to no aff cases being topical.

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This aff, from the standpoint of a 2A that has read it at 14 tournaments this year, has many holes. The plan most likely does lead to abuse by business's who will claim partial ownership, bail upon receiving the credits, take advantage of the American Indians. Even if they can win that it avoids that pitfall, none of the "tribal knowledge" advantages/responses amount to jack-shit - as you are enforcing your own capitalist culture on them by introducing the extrinsic monetary solution, thereby denying that without "Westernizing" (for lack of a better word) themselves to the concept of monetary solutions they alone cannot hope to last.


Additionally, there are a few very good cards from the Hormesis DA that one of the camps put out that we have won with saying radiation good, turning their harms entirely.


Also, plans have no solvency for removing the nuclear waste. There are no cards that I have seen that detail how this will happen, and if they exist they are lies, the government will not shut down its dump sites and move them to Yellowstone Park because the self-empowered people stood up to them.


Ontop of all of that, they link to capitalism in the worst way; all the "tribal knowledge" stuff is the exact reason why INTRODUCING capitalism is an even greater internal link than merely perpetuating it.


Problem is, this aff dodges links like Ganondorf on crack.



Also, there are cards on every statement except the one directly above this.

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So today I had my first varsity tournament. I completely got my ass kicked when I was neg against a Windians aff.


My partner and I ran some wind power DA's like cost and environment which were alright, but the aff still won those.


Then we got high and decided to run our nuke aff as a CP which didn't turn out so well.


So I was wondering whats the best thing to run against a Windians aff?


Biomass CP + Wind Bad

There's some really good DOE cards saying biomass is comparatively better for natives

and for wind bad there's a disad about it messing with radar systems which destroys hegemony. also it kills bats. and it is intermittent which forces it to be backed up by baseload supply, a problem biomass avoids (by baseload supply I mean nuclear power and/or coal. both of those are pretty bad for natives--nuclear mining is genocide caldicott 94. coal mining is racist i don't know the author for this one)

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A tradeable tax credit given to Native Americans is not an incentive for alt energy. A tax credit given to energy companies is an incentive for alt energy.


A tax credit is an incentive no matter who it's given to. Its an incentive for natives to use alternative energy. If you say they're not T because they themselves don't use it, it means you have to look for solvency to determine if an aff is topical, and that's stupid.

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