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Technology and Debate

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This topic has been hashed out in many places by many people at many times in the past, but I want to bring it up again.


Why? I plan on majoring in computer engineering and computer science. Unfortunately, the school I likely will attend does not have a debate team, and I love this activity and community too much to not be involved. My goal is to bring technology and debate together in a cohesive, ethical fashion. That combination is something that can't be solved by one mind, and I want feedback from the community. So here we are.


I have some questions that I'd like to toss out, but this isn't by any means a limit of what this topic can be about.


What would be useful for a team to have on a website, for public view and private productive use?

Publicly, a general statement about the value of debate, team announcements, calendar, awards, and records.

Privately, a wiki for scouting and a judge book, a forum for discussion, file storage/sorting/searching.

The wiki raises an issue: Offline synchronization for schools without wireless or if one needs to reference in a round.

I have yet to see a solid file system that is easy and searchable. Is it enough to search file names? If possible to search inside of files, is that necessary or desirable? What sort of organization? Folders, tags, just a really good search option? The synchronization issue with wikis applies here too...


What about software? Some of you may be familiar with Debin. This is the only software I know of that is designed to organize files and help with speeches. Is this desirable? What else would this include?


I guess I'm asking for thoughts into the perfect implementation of technology into debate.


Sorry for the long post, but thanks for reading

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it's not completely necessary to create a website and pay for the domain name to use technology and the internet for debate


my team uses a google group very efficiently to store and transfer files to each other

and searching here is easy too - just use command-f


but the idea is worth considering. i think many schools have set up wikis or groups of some sort by now.

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