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Westwood is sending a new team so beyond awesome your face will be ripped from its skull just by hearing them. Also, I will be in attendance.

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Eli Bacon - Nick Liedtke Austin SFA High School

Natalie San Luis - Shane Miller Jack C. Hays High School

Sarah Hallowell - Taelor Russell Lake Travis High School

Jacob Nelson - Carvey Leung Lake Travis High School

Hilary Walker - Jared Beim McNeil High School

Nick Arcuri - Vamsi Vishnubhotla McNeil High School

Bill Han - Ryan Sun Reagan HS

Ridwan Hoq - Blake Henson Round Rock High School

Ian Lopez - Carol Lee Soules Saint Mary's Hall

Sam Brothers - Audrey Wozniak St. Stephen's Episcopal School

Ricky Chavez - Tanner Jones Tomball High School

Claudia Padilla - Nicholas Tolat Westfield High School

Zashaly Moreira - Austin Gaddis Westfield High School

Steven Murray - Junaid Tayyab Westwood High School

Veena Krishnan - Abe Raina Westwood High School

Ashvin Bashyam - Anuj Kudva Westwood High School

Niki Nallapati - Zofia Yellin Westwood High School

Kelly Cunningham - Chris Solis Winston Churchill HS

Daniel Name - Cristina Alvarado Winston Churchill HS

Avi Munoz - Noah Barshop Winston Churchill HS

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Shane's raps were off the chain. Also, I now know how solar panels solve rape.


Thanks to everyone who kept this tournament together, I had a great time. Special thanks to the Jenkins, for obvious reasons. Though I only met them for a few minutes, they might have been the nicest people I have ever encountered.

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