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Lexington Winter Invitational (aka Big Lex) Invite

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251 Waltham Street

Lexington, MA 02421


November 2008

Dear Coaches and Debaters:


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend Lexington's annual winter tournament, to be held Friday through Monday, January 16 through 19, 2008. We are a trifecta TOC qualifier at quarterfinals in policy, Lincoln-Douglas and public forum debate. Please read the invitation carefully. Debaters will only be allowed to compete under their school name and if accompanied by a responsible adult as defined by the Massachusetts Forensic League. Those home schooled may be entered under their town name and accompanied by a parent/guardian in accordance with MFL rules.




RESOLUTIONS: In Lincoln-Douglas, the NFL January-February resolution, to be announced December 1 by the NFL national office. The Public Forum division will debate the January NFL topic.


FORMAT: We offer novice and open LD and open PFD on Friday and Saturday, January 16-17. Varsity LD will be 4 single-flighted rounds on Friday and two double-flighted on Saturday. PFD and Novice LD will be double-flighted throughout. Registration for these divisions will be held at the High School, Friday, 12:30-2:15pm.


In the open LD division, we will offer six preliminary and five elimination rounds. The novice LD division and PFD division will offer five preliminary rounds and an appropriate number of elimination rounds based on entry numbers. Schools/debaters will have the option of electing to strike up to 5 judges in the varsity LD division.


Sunday and Monday there will be a Lincoln-Douglas Invitational Round Robin. Students remaining on site while the policy divisions conclude are invited to watch the Round Robin debates.


ENTRY LIMITS: Initially, 5 entries per category. Extra entries will go on a waiting list, but please note that our first priority is to grant additional schools.


JUDGES: Schools should make every effort to cover their entries with qualified judges. Schools must provide one judge per 1-3 entries in each division – this means you need to cover your varsity entry separately from your novices. For example, if you have two varsity debaters and one novice debater in LD, you need two judges, one for each pool. Advanced, experienced debaters (third or fourth year) may judge in the novice division. Very qualified judges are expected in the varsity divisions. Please note in your entry where you would like your judges placed. You may not cover varsity entries with novice judges. Hired judging info, see below.





Registration for all LD and PFD events is 12:30-2:15 in the Science Lecture Hall. Classes are still in session, please be considerate! If you have not registered by 2:15pm, you will not be on the round one pairing.



Novice LD- all prelim rounds flighted



3:30 pm Round 1

5:30 pm Round


8:15 pm Round 3

9:30 Housing




7:30 am Round 4

10:00 am Round 5


1:00 pm Doubles

2:30 pm Octos

4:30 pm Quarters

6:15 pm AWARDS

7:30 pm Semis

8:30pm Finals



Varsity LD


Friday - rounds are NOT flighted

3:30 pm Round 1

4:30 pm Round 2


6:15 pm Round 3

8:00 pm Round 4

9:00 Housing



Saturday - flighted rounds begin

7:30 am Round 5

10:00 am Round 6


1:00 pm Doubles

2:45 pm Octos

4:30 pm Quarters

6:15 pm AWARDS

7:30 pm Semis

8:30pm Finals



PFD Division



4:00 pm Round 1


6:30 pm Round 2

8:15 pm Round 3









7:30 am Round 4

10:15 am Round 5

12:00 pm Round 6


Octos 3:30 pm

5:00 pm Quarters

6:15 pm AWARDS

7:30 pm Semis

8:30 pm Finals





RESOLUTIONS: We will be debating the 2008-2009 NFL resolution.


FORMAT: Two divisions of Policy (Novice and Varsity) will be offered Saturday through Monday, January 17-19, 2008. This will allow us to run 6 preliminary rounds in Varsity and Novice. The Varsity division will break to Double Octafinals and the Novice division to Octafinals. Judge strikes for varsity will be offered over email.


ENTRY LIMITS: Initially, 6 entries per category. Additional entries will go on a waiting list, but please note that our first priority is to grant additional schools entry.


JUDGES: Schools need to make every effort to cover their entries with qualified judges. For all divisions of Policy, one judge must be provided for every two entries or fraction thereof. Novice and Varsity entries must be covered separately. That means if you have one novice team and one varsity team, you need two judges, one for each pool. Advanced, experienced debaters (third or fourth year) may judge in the Novice division. Very qualified judges are expected in the Varsity divisions. Novice judges cannot cover varsity entries. Hired judging see below.




Saturday, January 17th

11:00am-12:15pm Registration. If you are not registered by 12:15pm, you will not be on the round one pairing. (Teams with LD or PFD entries can register on Friday)

1:00PM Opening Assembly

3:00PM Round 1 Open (Novice debaters are encouraged to watch debates)

5:00PM Round 2 Open, Round 1 Novice

Dinner (Free! Bring your meal tickets!)

7:30PM Round 3 Open, Round 2 Novice

Housing Follows at the High School


Sunday, January 18th

7:00AM Pairings Released

7:30AM Round 4 Open, Round 3 Novice

10:00AM Round 5 Open, Round 4 Novice


2:00PM Round 6 Open, Round 5 Novice

5:00pm Awards and Dinner

7:30PM Double Octafinals Open, Octafinals Novice


Monday, January 19th

7:15AM Pairings Released

8:00AM Octafinals Open, Quarterfinals Novice

Elimination Rounds Continue




HOUSING: Available for competing students and student judges in the novice division. We will accept the first 250 requests. We reserve the right to close housing when we have received 250 requests, so early response is very important. Housing must be requested in the entry AND confirmed by email to lexingtondebate@gmail.com. Please indicate in your email when you will be arriving and departing. Please understand that meeting the *entry* deadline does not guarantee that housing is available – we have often filled up housing far in advance of the entry deadline. Please indicate total number of students, genders and names on the entry website. Students should bring sleeping bags, towels and other necessities for an overnight stay. Coaches and other adults may secure housing at one of our local hotels.


The tournament hotel will be the Hilton Garden Inn in Burlington, which is about a five minute drive from the high school. They have offered us an incredible rate of 79.00 per night, which includes hot breakfast and complimentary internet access. To receive this rate call: Andrea Vallerand at (781)-272-8819 and mention Lexington Debate. The block is held until the 2nd of January.



$25 school fee. If your registration check is postmarked by January 2nd, we will waive the school fee.

$130 per Policy team

$55 per Lincoln-Douglas debater

$75 per Public Forum team

$200 per hired judge


HIRED JUDGING: In order to hire judges you must provide at least one judge in the category you are hiring. We can only sell hired judging for the judges we have to hire. You must SPECIFICALLY request hired judging on www.tabroom.com . You should not assume your hired judge has been filled until your invoice is adjusted. If we run out of hired judges, you will need to drop entries with unfilled judging.


FEES ARE FIXED AND FROZEN on FRIDAY, JANUARY 4 at 3:00PM. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY. Drops are possible after this deadline, but that will NOT affect the fees due at registration. Massachusetts Forensic League rules require that any drops the day of the tournament be called in to the tournament director, Sara Sanchez, at 801-635-7008. A $25 per change nuisance fee will be assessed at the registration table for any changes made at that time (this includes name changes, so PLEASE call ahead). Entering our tournament accepts these rules. Invoices are available on the registration site, massforensics.org. PO payment plans are available with prior approval only. You must have full payment at registration to be allowed to compete.


HOW TO REGISTER: We will close the tournament when it is full. Registration will take place on the Massachusetts Forensics League website- www.tabroom.com . Schools outside the League can set up an account by logging in with the requested information. Please be sure to register for the “Lexington Winter Invitational.”


QUESTIONS: Email is strongly preferred -- send them to Sara Sanchez at lexingtondebate@gmail.com. You can also fax us at 781-861-2440 attn: Sara Sanchez if you have no email access. We cannot accept email or telephone registrations; phone us only for late changes: 801-635-7008.


We look forward to welcoming you to scenic, historic Lexington in mid-January.


Sara Sanchez, Director of Debate and the 2008-2009 Lexington Debate Team


DIRECTIONS TO LEXINGTON HIGH SCHOOL: Route 128/Interstate 95 is the best approach from any direction. Exit 30 is the second Lexington exit, regardless of the direction you are coming from; it is marked ROUTE 2A. Follow ROUTE 2A EAST into Lexington. Travel for a little more than a mile until you reach the first FULL traffic light; there is a Dunkin' Donuts on this corner. Then turn left onto WALTHAM STREET; pass through another traffic light; Lexington High School is immediately on your left. Lexington is twelve miles from Boston's Logan International Airport. Southwest Airlines fly into Providence and Manchester (NH) airports -- they are each about 75 minutes' drive from Lexington, and the fares are very low. We are also 20 minutes' drive from a suburban Amtrak station. Contact us for further details.

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