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All Camp Evidence for 2006-2007 National Service

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I ran the FTP for the 2006-2007 National Service season. I'm deleting all the camp files fairly soon (they take up 11gigs), and I figured that I'd give back to Cross-X as a parting gesture. Post in this thread if you want any of the below camp files. It's a direct download -- no timer or ads or such nonsense.


Berkley (CNDI)



ENDI Scholars

GDI 2, 3 and 4 week

HOA (Heart of America)

JDI/JEDI [Jayhawk Debate Institute--2&3 week]

KNDI 3 week and Fellows



Miami Red Hawk 3wk

Midwest Debate Institute

MNDI/7 week Shared

Michigan 7 Non-Shared I, II and III

Michigan 7 Juniors


Northwestern Wave 1


SDI 2 week/3 week/4 week/cores/packet


Stanford (SNFI)

Texas Speech and Debate Camp

UNT/Mean Green Workshops Waves 1 and 2, Skills Session, Kritik Lab, and Pre-Institute


UTEP (Only Conscription)

UTNIF Plan 1 Wave 1, Wave 2

Wake Forest Summer Debate Workshop & Pre-Camp

Wichita State (WSU)


WFI (Bonus, Pre-Camp, Weeks 1&2, LD)


WDW (K-State)

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can you post the michigan non-seven week (shared, mndi, classic) files in the free camp ev thread? i think that was the only thing we had missing

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I'll give you the password to download it once I re-establish the FTP. Didn't notice the Camp Backfiles Thread -- I'll leave this up in case anybody has problems with MediaFire.

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