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Tournament results database

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Brent Hinkle (of joyoftournaments.com) has done a LOT of work to create a database that allows you to search by school, judge, or team. It will then show you, for example, every debate "Mahoney, Tim" has judged this year and the results from those debates. It can also search by school or debaters individual name. It's very similar to the college "debateresults.com". Brent has also been working on getting it to figure the points for The Baker award that the NDCA gives at the end of the year to recognize season long excellence and so at the bottom of each tournament for a given team it shows the number of points a team earned toward qualifying for the NDCA tournament and toward winning The Baker.


What we really need now is for tournaments to send in their data. Basically, the tab room just needs to send their TRPC data to brent@joyoftournaments.com

Right now I think we just have Newman Smith, Grapevine, Wake, and Greenhill.


This is already a pretty neat development but it would be really awesome if completed tournaments would send in their data. Anything you can do to help tournament directors send in their TRPC data would be greatly appreciated.


You can check the site out at: http://ndca.joyoftournaments.com/school.asp?evt=CX




Tim Mahoney

Director of Debate, St. Mark's School of Texas

NDCA Board Member

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This site is starting to become more comprehensive, but there are still significant gaps. If you've hosted a tournament, PLEASE send in your results so that they can be added to the database. If you've been to a tournament that hasn't posted their results, please nag the tournament director(s) and encourage them to do so.


Among other things, we have found it very useful to look at judge records when filling out pref sheets and just to get a feel for the style of debater that a given judge tends to prefer (at least points-wise). It is also very useful if you need to track down intel on a team; just go to the database, see who they've debated, and fire off an email.


If this gets to be comprehensive, it will also be cool to track the Race for the Baker as the season progresses. I don't know who the current leader is, but I have a few guesses... it would be cool to see the standings. What if two teams are battling it out and they debate in a prelim at their last tournament? The Baker could be on the line... knowing that would be pretty awesome, and would make the last few tournaments of the year even more exciting.


The data could also be used to track win-loss percentages. Does the aff win more than then neg? Does that change throughout the year? Do winning percentages change based on bid level or region? There are lots of interesting questions that a comprehensive data set would enable us to answer. Even if *every* tournament is not included, having access to the data for all of the TOC bid tournaments and the big regional tournaments would be incredibly useful.


Again, the site is http://ndca.joyoftournaments.com/. The more information we submit, the better.



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