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Judging/Coaching For Hire

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Name: Justin Farber
E-mail: farberjustin@gmail.com

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Phone Number: 310-463-9948

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/pub/justin-farber/38/303/370/

I debated (policy) and assistant-coached at Watertown Senior High School in South Dakota for 4 years. I went to Michigan's SDI and a camp at Concordia college.


I briefly debated for Pepperdine University, and have since graduated with a degree in Economics & Political Science. I live in Calabasas and enjoy the acitivity, and miss being involved. I consider myself to be fairly tab-rasa, but prefer more traditional policy argumentation. I am available most weekends.

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Jordan Trafton


UPenn '16

In the Bay Area for Spring 2014

4 years, national circuit at College Prep

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Name: Jordan Trafton
Location: Bay Area, CA
Contact: jordan.trafton@gmail.com
Previous Affiliation: College Prep (CPS) 2008-2012


I am currently taking some time off from school in Philadelphia.

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Hi PNW debate comrades: i'm currently taking a year (+) off from college, and while I have a part-time job, I am interested in asst coaching positions, if they exist. I'm located in north seattle, but am able to travel for weekday coaching and tournaments, and will generally work for marginally more than dirt. My bio from about 3 years ago is four posts up - since then i have done 2 years of college policy debate and half a year of parli debate (don't hold it against me). I broke at a handful of college policy tournaments, including one tournament win, got a couple speaker awards, and had a break round at ceda. Semi-fluent in LD and PF stuff, too. Judged about 40 CX rounds + 10 LD or PF rounds each of the past three years. I have debated, prep'd, and coached just about every genre of argument - my last 1.5 years of debate were spent going for critical arguments and reading critical affirmatives, but I am also an economics major that does public policy work. Email me: liampirate at gmail dot com. 

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