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Plan now for The 2009 NDCA Championships!

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I know folks are finishing up their calendars and budget projections for the 2008-2009 school year. I want to urge everyone to consider attending the 2009 NDCA Championships this year.


Please read this to see the cost-cutting measures we have taken for you! Assuming you can negotiate a reasonable way to get to Las Vegas, we have worked very hard to make this tournament affordable.


The quick run-down:


It will be in Las Vegas, NV on April 18-20. It is being hosted by the UNLV debate team, the Clark County school district, and Ted Belch. Rounds will be housed on the campus of UNLV.


We will offer policy, LD, and Public Forum divisions.


We will be introducing the Dukes & Bailey Cup this year...similar to the Baker Cup we give in policy, this award will recognize season-long excellence for LD. It will be awarded to the LD debater with the highest points achieved on the NDCA application process.


Now, how is this affordable for you?


1 - We have secured a tournament hotel for $65.00 a night. Free wireless.


2 - No ground transportation costs. The hotel will be providing shuttles to/from McCarran Airport and to/from UNLV for us....for free.


3 - We keep our entry fees very low. We don't make a dime on this tournament. We cover our costs. You will find the entry fees to be lower than any "national circuit" tournament you attend.


The NDCA Board has worked very hard to provide a tournament that meets the needs of the community. Every year, we hear students and coaches state that we are their favorite tournament. We have always had very hospitable hosts, a hard-working tab room, a great judge pool, an *extremely* competitive field, and a tournament schedule that is healthy.


We have already had a swarm of folks inquire about the tournament for this year and have committed to attending that have not in previous years.

As always, ANY suggestions on ways that we can continue to improve this tournament should be sent on to an NDCA Board member.


Tara Tate

President, NDCA

Director of Debate, GBS

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The website for the NDCA Championships has been opened.


The 2009 tournament hosts will be the University of Nevada Las Vegas, the forensics programs of Clark County and Ted W. Belch. The tournament will offer 7 preliminary rounds of competition in one open division of policy debate, one open division of Lincoln-Douglas debate and one open division of Public Forum debate.. The tournament will be held on April 18-20, 2009.


You can register at:




This year you will not have to submit spreadsheets. The qualification procedure is essentially the same but we now have a database that helps calculate your students points. A full description of the process is available on the website and if you have questions feel free to contact me.




Tim Mahoney

Director, 2009 NDCA Championships

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