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Irradiated Beef!!!!

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Hey Everyone,


I am currently debating the issue of irradiated beef in my debate class. I am the negative so I have to debate against the product.


The affirmative side will most likely bring out the following pros of the product:

1. Improve the safety of foods better than pasteurization and canning.

2. Has been around since the 1930s and has recently been approved by the National School Lunch Program, NASA, and the military.

3. Irradiation does not make the food radioactive and does not change the nutrient content of the foods.

4. The product could save 352 lives annually.

5. Plus MANY other pros


I have come up with the following arguments:

1. Although the product has been sanctioned by many groups, there are still questions as to the product's long term effects, possibly cancer.

2. NO long term studies of the product's effects on humans have been studied.

2. The product costs about 10 cents more than its unradiated counterpart.

3. The product kills both "bad" and "good" germs, which means that if the product becomes contaminated after irradiation, dangerous bacteria will be free to multiply without competition from harmless bacteria.

4. Irradiation does not deal with the real problem, which is unsanitary conditions on animal farms, slaughterhouses and packing plants, which contributes to contaminated beef. * I was thinking of using this argument to say that society should take responsibility for their actions instead of using a quickfix like science.

5. Irradiating plants have seen radiation overexposure in workers.


That is all the arguments I can think of right now. I would GREATLY appreciate it if anyone could give me any suggestions or positions.


Also, what are some good resources to use? I have used EBSCO and Gale Databases, and the good ol' internet.



Thank You and God Bless:-)

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