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Anyone have Manchester results?

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What I've heard so far:


Lexington Varsity:

Hu/Teng 3-2, missed breaking on speaks

Cue/Ren 3-2, dropped in quarters to Weston NB


8th speaker - Ren


Lexington Novice:

Wesley/Mike 3-2, dropped in quarters

Kate/David 4-1, dropped in semis

Stephen/Tal 1-4


7th speaker - David Sterman

8th speaker - Kate Quigley


Burlington wins both novice and varsity divisions.

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i think if i have this right...


for varsity...

burlington hs closed out with burlington fw

bishop guertin kp d. monticello dk

bishop guertin bs d. newark ro

weston mb d. lexington cr


burlington hs d. bishop guertin bs

weston mb d. bishop guertin


burlington hs d. weston mb


Ian Hemely was 2nd speaker and Alex Shepard was 5th



novice finals was

burlington jw-j d. bishop guertin


Anna Jacobs was 4th speaker and Evan Johnson was 1st

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1012, |\|3\/\/|3 5|_||<|<4


I will wewt whenever I wish to. Do not cross me, johnson.



novi, stop arguing :)

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