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Miami of Ohio 2008

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The Redhawk is an outstanding camp for all debaters. Both younger and older more experienced debaters have excelled at the Redhawk. We will have separate labs based on experience, so I wouldn't worry about being in a lab with students at a lower level of experience.


Our lab leaders for the Redhawk are very experienced and ready to work with all experience levels. In the advanced lab, Michael Greenstein is the Director of Debate at Georgetown and has coached at top level high school debate programs such as Pace Academy and New Trier. Mike has taught at numerous institutes including the SDI and the DDI. Debbie Lai is a graduating senior at Michigan State University and was recently awarded a prestigious Rand fellowship. In our beginner lab, Garret Abelkop will be a senior at Michigan State next year and will likely be one of the top debaters in the country. Eli Jacobs debates at Harvard and had a amazingly successful high school career in Ohio winning the Ohio state tournament and making it to late elims of the TOC.


We also focus on practical experience giving speeches. Our lectures are structured to include hands-on speech training with lab leaders in small groups immediately following the lectures. We also have more than 10 practice debates over the course of the 3 weeks that will give you lots of good feedback.


Hope this helps answer your question,

Sarah Spring

springse at muohio dot edu



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