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DDI 2005

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It generally gets updated as lots of camps do after the NDT. Dartmouth got 2 first rounds this year, so they are prepping hella hard. Expect some updates after the NDT

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how good do u have to be to be accpeted as a sophmore into ddi workshop


DDI is only for rising juniors and seniors.... DDW (formerly DJW) is a totally different camp that happens the 3 weeks before DDI.

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Application time is almost here!


What rising seniors are applying? This is a compiled list of ppl i know applying or have voiced on previous posts they are...


Edmund Zagorin - GDS

CC - Iowa City West

Matt Grimes - Bellarmine

Amar Naik - Bellarmine

MV - Creekview

Rohan Ali - Creekview

Mike Dickerson - New Trier

Ned - Polytech

Akash - Edgemont

Ann Yuan - Brookfield Central

Yvanna Cancela - Carrolton Sacred <3

Becca Boswell - Carrolton Sacred <3

Maggy Warden - Hooch

Brittany Cambre - Hooch

Sam C. - Caddo

Sam C. - Lexington


feel free to add yourself or ppl you know!

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capitalism par excellence.


they CHARGE you to produce your intellectual labor and then copyright it under their own name.


what a deal.


its surely worth it.


go ddi. (along with every other camp)


DDI makes no money selling your evidence if you choose to go.


DDI teachers you how to debate really well. If you think it's all about the evidence... well... they probably don't want you there anyway.

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