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NDT 2008

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Is UTD not there?

Yes they are


Here's the pairings off edebate


H 128 Wyoming CJ Iowa DS Koehle Herro Naputi

H 226 Idaho State JM Towson CL Zisman Varghese Pang

H 326b San Francisco State AM Wake Forest GL Guevara,Veronic Lyle Archer

H 409 Rochester KM Macalester CP Meiches Richey Guevara,Omar

H 414 California BP Emory NS Deatherage Walters,Sheena Burk,Chris

H 426 Michigan State LM Emory HW Richendorfer Magariel Shah

H 513 North Texas CE Harvard AM Greenstein,Mike Solt Andreas

H 514 Dartmouth KO Texas TW Hamrick Repko Hanson

H 521 Michigan FK Fullerton GM Matheson Blank Fiori

H 619 Harvard RW Iowa SV Packer Hamraie Burke,Ryan

KHS 104 Weber State CD Emory MS Sharp Murillo Montes

KHS 160 Kansas BJ Whitman CM Wallace Foy Berry

KHS 164 Baylor LT Northwestern FW Iftimie Hingstman DeLong

KHS 172 Dartmouth AH West Georgia LS Farmer M.Baxter-Kauf Morales

LH 210G Missouri State OW Georgia DM O'Donnell Stannard Gonzalez

LH 315 Michigan State EL Fort Hays HS Topp Fitzmier Lain

LH 315B Wayne State NP Kansas JS Petit Shannon,Reid Arnett

LH 401 Mary Washington KS USC JJ Decker Newnam Harrigan

MH 212 Mary Washington JR Miami VW Galloway Mannino Brooks

MH 255 Northwestern BM USC LS Phillips Sternhagen Garner

MH 327 Wyoming BJ Samford GR Jarman Clark,Josh Paul

MH 420 Michigan State AW Wake Forest MS Crowe Warner McCollum

MH 428 Harvard BP Missouri State MM Starks Dunn Gottbrecht

MH 502 Wake Forest CC Gonzaga BS Clark,Kathryn Thomas Chestnut

MH 689 Emporia State FT California BJ Steele Schatz Yeats

TSU Alvarado A California BR Bard HL Samuels Taylor Hamilton

TSU Alvarado B Northwestern FF Pittsburgh KR Johnson,Blake Ellis Davis,James

TSU Bradford A Baylor MR Georgia State GL Short Eckstein Hall,Sherry

TSU Bradford B Whitman CS Georgia CS Herndon,Scott Foster Powers

TSU Gabrielino Georgetown FM Kansas State MZ Voth Ramachandrappa Buntin

TSU Hetebrink Binghamton GM Texas BH Skinner Gunther K.Baxter-Kauf

TSU Leg.Chmbr_1 Wichita State CR West Georgia MS Williams Gordon Thompson

TSU LegChmbr_2 Texas-Dallas RS Wayne State GP Holbrook Tews Johnson,Paul

TSU Ontiveros B Los Rios LN Georgetown HK Harris Chopra Strange

TSU Ontiveros C Central Oklahoma CE Richmond CS Odekirk Rief Hines

TSU Pres. room Oklahoma GW Kentucky GG Reed,J.V. Davis,Stephen Peters

TSU Stearns George Mason HO Texas-Dallas AB Waldinger Perkins Gagnon

TSU Tuffree A Concordia ST Gonzaga CJ Maurer Howard Russell

TSU Tuffree B Kentucky GT Denver MW Pointer Hahn Jordan

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Texas TW v. Whitman CS

Kentucky CG v. Mary Washington KS

Emory NS v. Emporia State FT

California BJ v. Northwestern FF

Georgia State GL v. California BP

Goergia CS v. Dartmouth KO

Richmond CS v. Kansas BJ

Georgetown HK v. Michigan FK

Macalester CP v. Harvard RW

Bard HL v. Michigan State LM

Pittsburgh KR v. North Texas CR

Northwestern FW v. Texas Dallas RS

Wake Forest GL v. Wyoming CJ

West Georgia LS v. Oklahoma GW

Kansas JS v. George Mason HG

Emory HW v. California BR

Harvard AM v. Wichita State CR

Georgia DM v. Rochester KM

Fullerton GM v. Central Oklahoma CK

Iowa SV v. Los Rios LN

Emory MS v. Idaho State JM

Whitman CM v. Baylor MR

USC JJ v. Binghamton GM

West Georgia MS v. Baylor LT

Wayne State GO v, San Francisco State AM

Samford GR v. Missouri State GW

Gonzaga CJ v. Michigan State RL

Missouri State MM v. Mary Washington JR

USCL LS v. Kentucky GT

Denver MW v. Northwestern BM

Kansas State MZ v. Michigan State AW

Fort Hays HS v. Wyoming BJ

Wake Forest MS v. Concordia ST

Miami VW v. Wake Forest CC

Texas BH v. Harvard BP

Gonzaga BS v. Georgetown F,

Texas Dallas AB v. Wayne State NP

Iowa DS v. Weber State CD

Towson CL v. Dartmouth AH

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Why can't they post pairings, and who has won and lost like they did at CEDA? Seriously, makes following this from home impossible.

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Congrats to Cal BP for winning copeland award - unfortunately the curse of the copeland award will strike as it always does, meaning cal BP can no longer win the NDT.

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Congrats to Cal BP for winning copeland award - unfortunately the curse of the copeland award will strike as it always does, meaning cal BP can no longer win the NDT.


branson and morales won the copeland and the championship.

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statistically, no they're probably not going to win, but neither are whoever got 2nd or 3rd or 4th for the copeland. Cal BP maybe has a higher chance of winning the NDT, but no single team is more likely than not to win it. If you were betting, betting on the copeland winner would probably be your best shot, especially with one like Cal BP who's romped in elims this semester.

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Attached are records and ballot counts after Round 3. They also are pasted below.

National Debate Tournament

California State University at Fullerton

March 28-31, 2008

Results After Round 3

0 - 3 1 Bard HL

1 - 2 3 Baylor LT

0 - 3 0 Baylor MR

1 - 2 2 Binghamton GM

3 - 0 9 California BJ

3 - 0 9 California BP

2 - 1 6 California BR

1 - 2 2 Central Oklahoma CE

0 - 3 2 Concordia ST

1 - 2 4 Dartmouth AH

3 - 0 8 Dartmouth KO

1 - 2 3 Denver MW

3 - 0 8 Emory HW

2 - 1 4 Emory MS

2 - 1 5 Emory NS

0 - 3 1 Emporia State FT

2 - 1 6 Fort Hays HS

2 - 1 5 Fullerton GM

0 - 3 0 George Mason HO

0 - 3 2 Georgetown FM

1 - 2 3 Georgetown HK

1 - 2 2 Georgia CS

1 - 2 4 Georgia DM

2 - 1 6 Georgia State GL

2 - 1 5 Gonzaga BS

1 - 2 2 Gonzaga CJ

3 - 0 9 Harvard AM

2 - 1 5 Harvard BP

3 - 0 9 Harvard RW

1 - 2 5 Idaho State JM

1 - 2 2 Iowa DS

1 - 2 4 Iowa SV

3 - 0 9 Kansas BJ

2 - 1 5 Kansas JS

1 - 2 3 Kansas State MZ

1 - 2 2 Kentucky GG

2 - 1 6 Kentucky GT

0 - 3 0 Los Rios LN

1 - 2 3 Macalester CP

2 - 1 5 Mary Washington JR

2 - 1 6 Mary Washington KS

0 - 3 0 Miami VW

3 - 0 8 Michigan FK

2 - 1 6 Michigan State AW

2 - 1 7 Michigan State EL

1 - 2 2 Michigan State LM

2 - 1 7 Missouri State MM

2 - 1 6 Missouri State OW

2 - 1 6 North Texas CE

2 - 1 5 Northwestern BM

0 - 3 0 Northwestern FF

3 - 0 8 Northwestern FW

1 - 2 4 Oklahoma GW

1 - 2 4 Pittsburgh KR

1 - 2 4 Richmond CS

0 - 3 0 Rochester KM

1 - 2 3 Samford GR

1 - 2 3 San Francisco State AM

1 - 2 3 Texas BH

2 - 1 6 Texas TW

2 - 1 7 Texas-Dallas AB

1 - 2 4 Texas-Dallas RS

2 - 1 4 Towson CL

2 - 1 7 USC JJ

2 - 1 7 USC LS

2 - 1 7 Wake Forest CC

3 - 0 8 Wake Forest GL

2 - 1 5 Wake Forest MS

1 - 2 2 Wayne State GP

1 - 2 3 Wayne State NP

2 - 1 6 Weber State CD

3 - 0 9 West Georgia LS

0 - 3 1 West Georgia MS

2 - 1 6 Whitman CM

1 - 2 4 Whitman CS

1 - 2 4 Wichita State CR

1 - 2 3 Wyoming BJ2 - 1 7 Wyoming CJ

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yea, sorry about the not completely accurate postings-- i was trying to copy them down from the projector and it was a little hard to read.

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anyone have some rnd 4 pairings


Wyoming CJ d. Kentucky GG 3-0

Wyoming BJ d. Macalester CP 3-0

Mary Washington KS d. Weber CD 2-1



That's all I know!

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Round 4




H 121 Central Oklahoma CE Wayne State NP Bush Hingstman Naputi

H 124 Macalester CP Wyoming BJ Gorelick Odekirk Zisman

H 226 Iowa DS Georgia DM Packer Strauss Vats

H 228 Baylor LT San Francisco State AM Guevara,Omar Hines Shanahan,Bill

H 321-B Bard HL Whitman CS Brooks Congdon Green,Justin

H 326b Northwestern FF Concordia ST M.Baxter-Kauf Sharp Yeats

H 409 Pittsburgh KR Georgia CS Gerber Strange Young

H 412 West Georgia MS Dartmouth AH DeLong Galloway Maurer

H 413 Emporia State FT Rochester KM Faltesek Montes Nielson

H 414 Kansas State MZ Georgetown HK Clark,Kathryn Herndon,Scott Reed,Andrea

H 426 Michigan State LM Iowa SV Herndon,James Jarman Petit

H 509 Richmond CS Gonzaga CJ Munksgaard Symonds Tews

H 511 Los Rios LN Texas-Dallas RS Bauschard Heidt Klinger

H 513 Texas BH Denver MW Davis,Stephen Meiches Stannard

H 514 Wichita State CR Binghamton GM Crowe Samuels Stahl

H 516 Baylor MR Oklahoma GW Guevara,Veronic Kirk Turner

H 521 Wayne State GP Samford GR Bowman Durkee Olney

H 522 Miami VW Georgetown FM Brovero Morris O'Donnell

H 619 George Mason HO Idaho State JM Harris Marks Spring

MH 285 California BJ Dartmouth KO Blank Foy Reed,J.V.

MH 287 Texas-Dallas AB Kansas JS Iftimie Severson Watson

MH 404 USC JJ Gonzaga BS Antonucci Garner Repko

MH 406 Northwestern BM North Texas CE Evans Gonzalez Lacy

MH 408 USC LS Harvard BP Hester K.Baxter-Kauf Morales

MH 438 Texas TW Michigan State AW Ceren Hall,Brad Richendrfer

MH 442 Fullerton GM Missouri State OW Davis,James Feldman Shook

MH 457 Missouri State MM Towson CL Farmer Grove Roberts

MH 463 Northwestern FW Kansas BJ Hamraie Hardy Koehle

MH 464 Emory NS Wake Forest CC Herro McCollum Stables

MH 465 Emory MS Michigan State EL Clark,Josh Kall,Aaron Solt

MH 468 Emory HW California BP Partlow Lefevre Pointer Richey

MH 487 Wake Forest GL Harvard RW Greenstein,Mike McCartney Phillips

MH 491 Harvard AM Michigan FK Burk,Chris McBride Starks

MH 502 Mary Washington KS Weber State CD Buntin Gottbrecht Taylor

MH 504 Georgia State GL California BR Harrigan Johnson,Paul Vega

MH 552 West Georgia LS Mary Washington JR Davis,Mike Souders Walters, Heather

MH 554 Whitman CM Kentucky GT Chestnut Shannon,Reid Smith,Brian

MH 563 Kentucky GG Wyoming CJ Powers Westmoreland Whitmore

MH 565 Wake Forest MS Fort Hays HS Archer Hamrick Hill

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Round 5

National Debate Tournament

California State University at Fullerton

March 28-31, 2008




H 121 Dartmouth AH Wayne State NP Packer Perkins Rollins

H 124 Idaho State JM Missouri State OW Naputi Schrader Varda

H 226 Towson CL Central Oklahoma CE Davis,Stephen Regnier Wachsman

H 228 Northwestern BM Baylor LT Albiniak Gagnon Yeats

H 321-B Georgetown FM Bard HL Chopra Luechtefeld Mannino

H 326b Iowa DS Concordia ST Grove Morris Warner

H 409 Georgia CS Texas BH Frappier Lacy Thompson

H 412 Mary Washington KS Harvard BP Bowman Davis,Mike Stevenson

H 413 Los Rios LN Rochester KM Massey Shanahan,Bill Thomas

H 414 Kansas State MZ Emory NS Durkee Kall,Aaron M.Baxter-Kauf

H 426 West Georgia MS Iowa SV Herndon,Scott Hill Turner

H 509 Emporia State FT Gonzaga CJ K.Baxter-Kauf Marlow Russell

H 511 Mary Washington JR Michigan State LM Abelkop Hahn Neighbors

H 513 San Francisco State AM Denver MW Clark,Josh Peters Shook

H 514 Northwestern FF Binghamton GM Ceren Hall,Brad Panetta

H 516 Richmond CS Oklahoma GW Dunn Skinner Varghese

H 521 Samford GR Whitman CS Gayetsky Hoe Lyle

H 522 Macalester CP Miami VW Congdon Munksgaard Sharp

H 619 Baylor MR George Mason HO Davis,James Schatz Sternhagen

MH 285 California BJ Wyoming CJ Guevara,Omar Holbrook Odekirk

MH 287 Georgetown HK Pittsburgh KR Farmer Hines Kuswa

MH 404 Michigan State EL USC JJ Berry Forslund Hardy

MH 406 Fort Hays HS Whitman CM Brooks Fiori Symonds

MH 408 Georgia DM USC LS Bellon Clark,Kathryn McCollum

MH 438 Michigan FK Texas TW Achten Crowe Hamraie

MH 442 Kansas JS Fullerton GM Marks Taylor Whitmore

MH 457 California BP Missouri State MM Gorelick Phillips Steele

MH 463 Kansas BJ Harvard RW Deatherage Hanson Heidt

MH 464 Wake Forest CC Northwestern FW Cisneros Solt Wallace

MH 465 Wyoming BJ Emory MS Malumphy Repko Richey

MH 468 Dartmouth KO Emory HW Carver McCartney Walters, Heather

MH 487 North Texas CE Wake Forest GL Butt Feldman Williams

MH 491 Michigan State AW Gonzaga BS Jarman Johnson,Paul Koehle

MH 502 Wichita State CR Weber State CD Howard Jordan Meiches

MH 504 Texas-Dallas RS Georgia State GL DeLong Olney Smith,Brian

MH 552 Harvard AM West Georgia LS Maurer Stannard Strait

MH 554 California BR Kentucky GT Antonucci Hester Severson

MH 563 Wayne State GP Kentucky GG Gordon Newnam Spring

MH 565 Texas-Dallas AB Wake Forest MS Greenstein,Mike Stables Westmoreland

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