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At-Large Teams

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Teams I know who are not going


Hutchinson AC - Andrew Allsup & Trevor Curiel

Shawnee Mission East MP - Danny Mapes & Michael Perbeck

Oak Park LS - Jonathan Libgober & Misha Slavin

Wayzata SB- Megan Swenson & Chrissy Boyd

Portage Northern GS - Aakash Gupta & Sanjay Sharma

Montgomery Bell SA - Andrew Snow & Robert Awh


At Larges - Invited/Going - please send an email to 2008toccaselist@gmail.com with your cites. If you are not going please drop me an email at clariondebate@gmail.com...so I can stop harassing you for cites for the casebook. The bolded teams have sent info in. St Stephens is the only team I havent heard of yet - if someone has contact info for them it would be appreciated.



Brian Manuel

Cathedral Prep Debate


Lexington LS

Head Royce BZ

Meadows BS

St Stephens PV

Bronx BM

Chattahoochee PS

Grapevine BP

Highland Park PY


Sheboygan North KM

Brophy Prep MM


Gulliver Prep MM isn't going

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