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Bronx Science PR d. Lexington AC

Lexington CH d. Edgemont LW

Edgemont KuSh d. Lexington?

Edgemont BaKr d. Hanover?



Edgemont KuSh d. Bronx PR

Edgemont BaKr d. Lexington CH (Lex had to leave)


Edgemont Closes out finals



1. Forrest Pierce

2 or 3. Aurelia? (from lexington)

5. Anubh Shah

6. Sam Kuttner

7. Zach Baum


Someone from Bronx Law got one

11. Nick? from hanover

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1) Bronx PR d. 16) Lexington MM (Stas Moroz & Jack Mizerak)

2) Lexington CB close out 15) Lexington EM (Sonia Elavia & Toni Maeck)

3) Edgemont BK d. 14) Hanover BG (Joel Butterly & Nick Greenfield)

4) Lexington CK d. 13) Hanover DD (KT Dacey & Nick DeFrancis)

5) Edgemont KS d. 12) Bronx Law UB (Rigoberto Bojras & Mohammed Usman)

11) Hanover HM d. 6) Lexington MF (Ben Marcal & Jeremy Finch)

7) Edgemont LW d. 10) Lexington HS (Alex Hu & Alex Shultz)

8) Lexington CA d. 9) Edgemont LS (Aaron Liskov & Jeremy Sklaroff)




1) Bronx PR d. 8) Lexington CA (Stephanie Chang & Megan Abbot)

2) Lexington CB d. 7) Edgemont LW (Zac Levine & Josh Waizer)

3) Edgemont BK d. 11) Hanover HM (Jo Henderson-Frost & Jacob Mayer)

5) Edgemont KS d. 4) Lexington CK (Aurelia Chaudhury & Peter Kim)





3) Edgemont BK advances over 2) Lexington CB (Doowon Chung & Harsha Bhisetti) (lex had to leave)


5) Edgemont KS d. 1) Bronx PR (Forrest Pierce & Michelle Reyf)




Edgemont KS (Anuhb Shah & Sam Kuttner) & Edgemont BK (Zach Baum & Jeremy Kreisberg) Close Out





1) Forrest Peirce (Bronx)

2) Jackie Maurno (Lakeland)

3) Aurelia Chaudhury (Lexington)

4) Doowon Chung (Lexington)

5) Anuhb Shah (Edgemont)

6) Sam Kuttner (Edgemont)

7) Jeremy Kreisberg (Edgemont)

8) Peter Kim (Lexington)

9) Mike Kesselman (Lakeland)

10) Rigoberto Borjas (Bronx Law)

11) Nick DeFrancis (Hanover)

12) Jeremy Finch (Lexington)

13) Ashlee Vega (Bronx Law)

14) Ben Marcal (Lexington)

15) Aaron Liskov (Edgemont)

16) Josh Waizer (Edgemont)

17) Timothy Pimble (Freedom)

18) Michelle Reyf (Bronx)

19) Shamsi Fani (Manhattan Center)

20) Mohammed Usman (Bronx Law)

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