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Best of Kansas 2007-2008

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This is limited to my experience debating against teams, if I didn’t mention you, it doesn’t mean you suck, just that we didn’t debate you. If we did indeed debate you and you didn’t get mentioned, sorry, send me angry hate mail.


1. Best All-around team (Champ and Open styles)- Weiner/Malcolm - I (thankfully) have only hit the two of them in “champ-ish” rounds this year, both of which were some of the best rounds I have had all year. They are also some of the prettiest speakers I have ever heard, if their showing at NFL proves anything, it is that they can roll with whatever.


2. Best Champ Team – Toss up between a couple – Sarah and Taylor are obviously killer on the flow and could just as easily go for FEM IR as they could a tradeoff DA, but the Scheoders as well as Bolton/Ellis have gave us amazing rounds as well


3. Best Open Team – Freestate FP- damn good speakers, plus they could make Mother Theresa look mean.


4. Best Squad- Shawnee Mission West/WaRu - WaRu both won and broke the most teams at 6A state, SMW killed at nearly every single tournament they attended. I cannot remember a time when they did not get to outrounds.


5. Best Affirmative Team – Hard to call; Weiner/Malcolm, Bolton/Ellis and the twins are all simply awesome but our round against Hutch AC at KCKCC was insane. I would have to give it to them.


6. Best 1A – Helen Bolton – the one round I have debated her, the 1AR was probably one of the best I have heard in my meager years of debate. Not to mention the fact that I think she is one of the faster debaters and Kansas and definitely one of the most eloquent.


7. Best 2A – Andrew Alsup/Sarah Weiner, both awesome debaters.


8. Best Negative Team – Probably Sarah and Taylor, see above comments.


9. Best 1N – too many of these sorts out there, but I have heard rumors of Patrick from SME going 9 off and case at State, which is kind of the point of 1NCs these days.


10. Best 2N – Sarah Weiner – Incredibly eloquent, fast and just smart. You don’t want to have to give a 2AR after her.


11. Prettiest Speaker – Bolton or Weiner


12. Fastest Debater – I don’t remember this stuff, but Trevor from Hutch, Patrick Kennedy and Sarah Weiner all stand out.


13. Most Likely to do well next year – my sources tell me that BV Dean/Nichols are both juniors. If so, they will be dang good. SMW also has some really good people coming back; Jones/Desai and Empson/Campbell will not go unnoticed. It also should be noted that Leigha Empson is only a freaking sophomore, this makes me feel sorry for other sophomores.


14. Prediction of next years best Champ team - No clue.


15. Prediction of next years best Open team -No clue.


16. Prediction for the best squad next year – SMW, quite obviously


17. Person most likely to graduate and judge on a regular basis – somebody who goes to college near here? I don’t know.


18. Best Judge – I have never been disappointed to see Mark Skoglund in the back of the room. Incredibly solid judge, and gives great feedback.


19. Coach of the Year – Ken King/Cindy Burgett (sp?) – See “Best Squad.” To manage to have as many teams consistently breaking as these two do, somebody must be doing something right.


20. Best Kritik Debater – uhh, the only “K” round I have ever known what was going on in was against Bonnet, and that says something. The Hutch boys aren’t bad at all either, but we hit them when they ran their Foucault aff, so I don’t know if that counts.


21. Best Counterplan Debater – this is interesting, seeing as how people apparently just haven’t gone for CP’s against us. Creighton Coleman from WNW is pretty ballin’ when he has his XO file around though.


22. Best Topicality Debater – Patrick Kennedy- did some of the best work I have ever seen on the T flow at State


23. Best Politics Debater – I haven’t really ever had a politics throw down with anybody this year, but Tim Ellis gave some damn good answers, and Coleman, although he ran a time tradeoff link (devilry, my good friend, devilry), handled the DA very well.


24. Most likely to be NDT champion – Sarah Weiner probably has a pretty good chance


25. Most likely to become a debate coach – no clue.


26. Team I haven’t mentioned that needs to get mentioned – Goddard Munday/Jamison- these kids are awesome and funny and great debaters. It has been a privilege to debate them as much as we have.

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1. Best all around team: SMW Malcom/Weiner


2. Best Champ team: Hutch Alsup/Curiel...like Guillermo, I am guessing based on last year and their record now - SME Mapes/Perbeck


3. Best open team: BV Dean/Nichols, STA Wondrack/Clark (sorry about spelling...)


4. Best aff: WaRu Schroeder/Schroeder for policy, and Hutch Alsup/Curiel on their Foucalt aff


5. 1A: SME Dani Lipsman, or hutch Trevor Curiel


6. 2A: Sarah Weiner


7. Best Neg: Emporia Bonnet/partner (sorry, don't remember his name) - the had amazingly diverse stratefies, from D&G's disease-otherizing K to norway (i think) counterplans. pretty impressive


8. 1N: I don't remember 1N's very well.....nothing comes to mind


9. 2N: Alex Bonnet Emporia


10. Best Squad: SMW, SME, STA...


11. Prettiest Speaker: Sarah Weiner.


12. Fastest: no idea....everyone sounds pretty much the same to me


13. Best all around next year: BV Dean/Nichols or ONW Rippberger/Thies


14. Best champ next year: I don't know many juniors that really do a lot of champ...BVN has some good teams for next year - Wood/partner (again, can't remember the name)


15. Open next year: someone from STA or SMW


16. Squad next year: SME as per usual...SMW, ONW has some good sophomores this year..BVN too


17. Most likely to judge next year: people who go to KU/UMKC


18. Best Judge: Mark Skoglund, some of the guys from KCKCC whose names I can't remember


19. Most likely to become a coach: ???


20. Best K debater: Alex Bonnet, Alsup/Curiel


21. CP: how can you tell...


22. T: Sarah Weiner...in sems at KCKCC vs. Hutch, they had some amazing ev and her analysis was sweet in the 2AR/2AC


23. PTX: Kendall or Bolton/Ellis - they run a lot of politics


24. Most likely to get to the NDT: Mapes


25. Best coach: I see many more coaches than debaters...man I suck at answering this...no idea


26. Best underrated team: SMNW


27. Best performance team: SMS ST

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I never hit SME MP, or Hutch AC or the Wichita East Teams so that's why they're not on my list.


1. Best all around team: SMW Weiner Malcom. Lost 1 round in Kansas, and lost 3 rounds all season.


2. Best Champ team: SME Kennedy/Lipsman. They are a great team and both times I debated them were good rounds.


3. Best open team: BV Dean/Nichols good results all over the place and they weren't just limited to winning though at slower debates.


4. Best aff: WaRu SS state champions and they did run the 1AC I loved to run.


5. 1A: Lots of people, drawing a blank right now. I think that Cody Wood BVN was a good 1A in the round I had against him when he went Maverick.


6. 2A: Sarah Weiner and Patrick Kennedy.


7. Best Neg: FS FP beat us on ASPEC, still sad about losing to that.


8. 1N: Taylor Malcom.


9. 2N: Mark Thomas, made very good choices about what to go for.


10. Best Squad: SMW, SME, STA, Wichita East, Waru all seem like good picks.


11. Prettiest Speaker: Megan Adams gave one of the most eloquent speeches I've heard round 3 at TTNFL.


12. Fastest: Patrick Kennedy was incredibly fast the last time I hit him and made giving the 2NC very difficult because there was so much there.


13. Best all around next year: Dean/Nichols BV had an excellent season and should be a team winning at all kinds of tournaments next year.


14. Best champ next year: SMS Thomas will be good as will BVN Wood/Fehr. Hopefully I'll get to debate them a lot next year.


15. Open next year: BV Dean/Nichols


16. Squad next year: SMW is returning a lot of people they should be good.


17. Most likely to judge next year: Hopefully many people.


18. Best Judge: Mark Thomas' dad. He gave a great oral critique after round 1 at the BVN-Westside thing. As well Mark Skogland.


19. Most likely to become a coach: Guillero will become one.


20. Best K debater: Winfield Taylor Stevenson and Guillermo Vidaurre, and SME KL.


21. CP: Didn't have to many teams CP gitmo and I.


22. T: Mark Thomas beat us on T and did a very good job on the standards debate.


23. PTX: I don't think any team ran Politics against us this year, I went for it a lot.


24. Most likely to get to the NDT: I'm not sure who all will be debating in college.


25. Best coach: Swanson, King, Dubois.


26. Best underrated team: I don't know for sure, there are a lot of good team I don't have on my list. SME CR aren't so I'll say them.

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I think that requires a separate tournament


but Mark Skoglund (I know he doesn't debate anymore) can do about 6 different flips...and he can do an aerial (with his pen, not himself)

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1. Best all around team: SMW Weiner/Malcom.


2. Best Champ team: SMW Weiner/Malcom. No offense to patrick, but they are the best fast team out there. Taylor is incredibly fast and at the same time clear - couple this with sarahs analysis on everything and i think you have perfection.


3. Best open team: BV Dean/Nichols, 80% winning percentage and they have the ability to do almost everything at an above great level.


4. Best aff: Dean/Nichols. The schroeders are great - but they have fewer losses im pretty sure - maybe thats my bias coming out; if anyone disagrees give me some win-loss records.


5. 1A: The 1A is a rehearsed speech - i refuse to vote on this one.


6. 2A: Sarah Weiner and Taylor Nichols. I understand the offering of Patrick, i didnt see him this year though so... I have to err on these two.


7. Best Neg: I dont know, wins on the affirmative this year came pretty easily, and i felt like everyone towards the end had the same strategy and weren't doing anything to catch my attention.


8. 1N: Taylor Malcom.


9. 2N: The manhattan team that isnt bolton/ellis; the blonde kid and the (pardon my offfensiveness) brown one; i always liked hearing what they would break down to - i dont know though to be honest.


10. Best Squad: SMW, BV, WaRu, and i will put Manhatten up there - it seemed like they always had at least one team in there, not including Bolton/Ellis.


11. Prettiest Speaker: I am going to argue against Kendall and say no, its not Megan Adams, it'd to me be i dont know - not her; maybe someone from her school, but i always felt like her partner spoke better.


12. Fastest: Taylor Malcom - despite the arguments for Patrick, Taylor is a lot clearer, and i am pretty sure they get through the same number of cards.


13. Best all around next year: Dean/Nichols BV really would have been in contention for two speaker but went in four and i think they only dropped like three ballots through all seven rounds so...


14. Best champ next year: Agent Cody Banks from North but i think BV Dean/Nichols can roll with it, so, who really knows.


15. Open next year: BV Dean/Nichols


16. Squad next year: BV and SMW will be in a tug of war with each other for pure dominance once again - but i think if a younger team emerges out of BV they could be the true winners, I think other than that you have schools with only one truly great team.


17. Most likely to judge next year: Guillermo - i think he'd revel in it a little bit too much though.


18. Best Judge: Only ones that voted for me... just kidding, but really. But Mark is pretty good at what he does, he definitely is the most willing to help out a team that is struggling, which is something other judges wont do.


19. Most likely to become a coach: I will say Brian Israel - that is unless he becomes a used car salesman, thats my prediction.


20. Best K debater: How many people still roll? In all reality, I only heard very topic-specific, case-specific Ks this year; so who rolls the best is beyond my reckoning.


21. CP: I hate to say this but Creighton of Wichita East or Northwest or whatever, gave us a scare at ONW.


22. T: Same as the K above - no one really believes in these things anymore; though I hear Nichols goes straight T in his 1NR, i never had the pleasure of hitting him this year though.


23. PTX: Creighton went for Politics - he was the only one. His Tix file hadn't been updated since July though so he got chastised instead of congratulated.


24. Most likely to get to the NDT: Did Parkinson make it? I hear he was doing well, but i dont know; Weiner though sounds like the safest bet.


25. Best coach: King, Riffer, Rafferty is a badass though so I'll give him a shout also; plus, since Dubois spends so much time on here, i'd say hes from what i can tell the most dedicated to his teams success.


26. Best underrated team: Kids with the skateboard from Mt. Carmel or the Manhatten team thats not Bolton/Ellis - i really liked them, i hit the brown half of the team pretty consistently all four years of high school so, i feel the closest connection to them and/or Aron from that Wichita school, his partner and him had a falling-out after T High i think, after we beat them round 1; but i liked him, he was good at what he does.


27. Most Talented in Activities outside of Debate: Brian Israel, hes ripped, greatest basketball player, hes probably gonna end up a McDonalds All-American.

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I liked Taylor Malcom on this specific issue. I dont know, i was just trying to get through it quickly. But Taylor Malcom, i love his speed. But next year, I gotta say Josh Dean, is better than Ripp/Thies sorry guys, but the time i saw you in sems against each other at T High, i felt like it was theres for the taking.

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okay while we're moving off topic..mark, i have always wondered what your cx username meant. i used to think it was backwards but i cant for the life of me figure out what a CnaT is. help?


ps i find it amusing that the prettiest speaker is always a girl. tryna tell us something fellas?

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1. Best All Around Team: Either SMW Malcom/Weiner, or Schroeder/Schroeder from Waru. We had great rounds against both of them all year.


2. Best Champ Team: Hutch Allsup/Curiel. They've beaten me straight up and in a kritical debate.


3. Best Open Team: Nobody really sticks out that much Dean/Nichols from BV were good, and so was the Newton team we hit in quarters at Lawrence.


4. Best Squad: Waru or SMW. Waru broke three teams at state, and had great showings at NFL and DCI.


5. Best Affirmative Team:This one is tough for me, probably the Schroeder's, but Dean/Nichols had some trixy answers too.


6. Best 1A: Whichever of the Schroeder's was the 1A (sorry guys, but its tough for me sometimes, you are identical twins) I think it's Joe though.


7. Best 2A: Sarah Weiner. For two years I thought I was winning after the 2NR. I never did.


8. Best Neg: The Schroeders. They were the only team that beat us on the neg twice.


9. Best 1N: Patrick Kennedy. I saw a few flows from our assistant and a kid from our team, and their strats were awesome, and he is real fast.


10. Best 2N: Sarah Weiner again. I hated giving 2AR's after she finished her speech.


11. Prettiest Speaker:I want to break the girl trend, so I'll be biased and say Patrick Lin from Manhattan. He could put me to sleep with his sexy voice.


12. Fastest Debater: Trevor Curiel. He's clear too, it was impressive.


13. Most Likely to do well next year: Waru Goossen/Schultz, they beat us three times. Embarrassing. And I bet Thies/Rippberger will be really good too.


14. Prediction of Next Years Best Champ Team: See above.


15. Prediction of Next Years Best Open Team: Dean/Nichols.


16. Prediction for the Best Squad Next Year: Waru. They had 6 teams at state, only the Schroeder's were seniors. Wow.


17. Person Most Likely to Judge: If I go to KU, I'll judge for people.


18. Best Judge: Any KU debater. They always give good feedback, and they had a knack for picking up Helen and I.


19. Coach of the Year: Cindy Burgett. She had the state champ, two top 10 teams at DCI, and she always gets that elusive National Qualifier.


20. Best Kritik Debater: Probably Trevor Curiel, or maybe Alex Bonnet. But I have to give a shout out to Waru GS here, we couldn't beat them in a K debate. Assholes.


21. Best Counterplan Debater: No one really CPed us. So I'd say Peter Ebeling from Topeka High, or Drew Theis from ONW (with a little help from Alex Parkinson). They could both roll with the XO.


22. Best T Debater: Patrick Kennedy


23. Best Politics Debater: Ben Schroeder. He always took PTX against us, but I would assume that Joe is just as good.


24. Best Theory Debater: I decided to put this cause Wes Phipps amazed me every time I debated him. He was really technical, and well prepared.


25. Most Likely To Be An NDT Champion: Trevor Curiel


26. Most Likely to be a Coach: Alex Bonnet


Oh and for those of us that are counting, "the brown kid" that smelliott is talking about is Patrick Lin, he was second speaker at Nationals last year.

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