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Brophy is sending two teams:

Zane Waxman/Kevin Shim

Christos Makridis/Peter Mardian


fuck snow


edit: i love snow, i dont know what came over me

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Anybody know any of the cases these teams run? Or does anybody want to trade disclosure.


Below is a list of all teams entered in policy for the 2007 Alta Silver & Black Tournament.


Matt Weathered - Zach Storms Alta High School

Shelbi Anderson - Robyn Abrahamson Alta High School

Ashley Roe - Alex Matthews Alta High School

Jordan Martellaro - Eric Troff bingham

Brandon Wood - Jantsen Teuscher bingham

Jillian Edmonds - Alison Neilson bingham

David Shackelford - Daniel Shackelford bingham

Madison Rodabough - Hayden Warren bingham

Michael R. Johnson - Joseph Ralph Harper Blackfoot High School

Alex Abel - Shaun Engstrom Boise Senior High School

Katie McConnel - Deidre Nelms Boise Senior High School

Devon Madsen - Jon Tregoning Boise Senior High School

Andrew Larson - Sam Seiniger Boise Senior High School

Erik Hasoenhrl - Matthew Simpson Boise Senior High School

Samantha Kiley - Grace Relf Boise Senior High School

Peter Mardian - Christos Makridis Brophy College Prep

Kevin Shim - Zane Waxman Brophy College Prep

Julie Heusinkveld - Jacqueline Sandmeyer Capital High School

Nikki Henderson - Charles Eyre Capital High School

Laura Hansen - Bea Westmoreland Capital High School

Sarah Peterson - Ashley Anderegg Capital High School

Sanford Cody - Eleya Randall Cheyenne East High School

Stephen Christopherson - Jared Fanning Cheyenne East High School

Ben Berry - Jon Swartz Cheyenne East High School

Eunice Kim - Emma Vance College Prep

Leo Chingcuanco - Chloe Coughlin-Schulte College Prep

Trevor Chenoweth - Ian Nelson Damien High School

James Stevenson - Aaron Johnson Davis High School

Thomas Edwards - Halle Edwards East High School

Jake Gunter - Adrienne Petch Fruita Monument High School

Scott Moliver - Jordan Moliver Gulliver Prep

Ava Fox - Dana Snay Gulliver Prep

Mercy Corredor - Jorge Toledo Gulliver Prep Taylor

Gunst - David Gardner Highland High School

Hilary Thomas - Ashley Moscon Hillcrest

Matthew Miller - Kaiser Larsen Hillcrest

Brittany Wooley - Julie Swenson Hillcrest

Manoli Liodakis - Heydon Kaddas Hillcrest High (UT)

Ashley Stinozl - Porter Nixson Hillcrest High (UT)

Hillary Picree - Christina Qi Hillcrest High (UT)

Lauren Wheelwright - Jenny Abrahamson Holy Names Academy

Natalie Vitolo - Roxy Valdez Holy Names Academy

Brian Bromberg - Alex Bankoff Kent Denver School

Jordan Daniels - Jesse Spafford Kent Denver School

Jared McDonald - Andrew Griffith Kent Denver School

Ellie Schmidt - Mary Rassenfoss Kent Denver School

James Willis Trull - Jack Dooley Kuna High School

Corey Dethier - Malcolm Daniels Logan High School

Quaid Peterson - Paul Kang Logan High School

Vincent Reynolds - Kelton Mock Logan High School

Mindy Vawdrey - Anneli Hoggard Lone Peak High school

daniel henley - Zach Williams Lone Peak High school

Kaili Smith - Alex Miner Lone Peak High school

Dallin Halls - stephanie Monson Lone Peak High school

Michael Zehner - Gavin Thompson Moffat County High School

Greg Blackstun - Brodie Schulze Moffat County High School

Sam Leonard - Sam Gilman Moffat County High School

Dayton Aldrich - Alvaro Mendizabal Notre Dame High School

Quinn Powell - Cecilia Bonaduce Notre Dame High School

Christian Duran - Michael Aust Notre Dame High School

Max Neidhardt - John Olson Palo Alto High School

Chloe Chen - Natalie Campen Palo Alto High School

Grace Armstrong - Sara Cois Presentation High School

Charles Hotnog - Chris Gibbs Riverton High School

Chase Burton - Melissa Leeworthy Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School

Raj Patel - Michael Marquardt Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School

Jordan Friedman - Ben Florsheim Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School

Ankita Gupta - Mario Feola Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School

Luke Hollingsworth - Natalie Canfield Sky View High School

Whitney Reed - Jasmine Hull Sky View High School

Sam King - Will Gent South Eugene

Sophia Yan - Carol Wang South Eugene

Stephanie Lio - Tonia Sun The Harker School

Kunal Modi - Pratusha Erraballi The Harker School

Aaron Lin - Neelaysh Vukkadala The Harker School

Jeremy Selesner - Bobby Kim The Meadows School

Justin Blau - Ryan Saxe The Meadows School

Morgan Mushlitz - KC Harding Timberline

Scott Larrow - Jess Inskeep Timberline

Sam Winkle - Jiang Wu Timberline

Matea Ivanovich - Gus Voss Timberline

Aaron Mondada - Hannah Artis Timberline

Adam McKibben - Johnston Hill Timberline

Andrew Won - Eleni Kapoulea Torrey Pines High School

Chris Carter - Byron Starkey Vashon Island High

Anna Roth - Taylor Layton West HIgh School

Annie Wang - Clara Purk West HIgh School

Carmen Rodriguez - Julie Ikeda West HIgh School

Felix Deiss - Maddie Langer West HIgh School

Brian Bryngelson - Ryan Waterworth Worland High School

Tajin Perez - Charlie Morrison Worland High School



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ava fox will not be attending from gulliver prep

dana snay will be debating with paco toledo


That's the coolest name I've ever seen.

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That's the coolest name I've ever seen.

last week we found out his name is actually jorge but since he is form the mexican providence of puerto rico we gave him a generic name we could remember

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last week we found out his name is actually jorge but since he is form the mexican providence of puerto rico we gave him a generic name we could remember


you can't remember jorge? and, "mexican providence of puerto rico" wtf...

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