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Dexter Tournament

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Of course international fiat o/ws T. I mean what is the neg going to say "you were untopical so I had to run the CP". That's obviously a lie. The truth is that the fact that international CPs exist forced the aff to be untopical in order to have a US key warrant. Your CP is proof that only way for the aff to win is to be slightly untopical (ie. Gag Rule, IPR (patents), Landmines etc...). Theory is the only real way to win an aff round.

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5. Matt(FHN)

6. Celine(Dow)

7. Joe (Northview)

8. Patrick (FHN)


I think that's right as far as order. I know a couple DCD kids and two WB kids were in the top fifteen as well. Congrats to Dow for taking varsity and JV!

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