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Ask in cross-x how you could possibly avoid it, what should the plan text say.


If they say "topically mandated regions" that is vague and destroys negative ground

If they say you should list the countries that hides planks and exclusions (eg. they don't say zimbabwe, the 1NC doesn't realize, new in the 2NC is potentially illegitimate).


Regardless -- any topical advocacy would require keeping the colonial barrier between Northern and sub-Saharan Africa. That imaginary line that in the colonial line between brown and black Africa is what is "racist" -- it isn't the term.


You can perm the hell out of it too... perm: we apologize for using racist discourse to properly affirm the resolution, we'll try our best never to be aff again. You can also perm different instances, like tank our speaker points for using bad language. Plus, critiquing the resolution is sort of unfair because it theoretically allows the neg to win every round.


You can also spike out of the position by saying like "to the African continent excluding XYZ" or "topically mandated regions", etc.

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