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2007 St. Mark's Heart of Texas Invitational

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Ballots from policy and Lincoln Douglas debate will be uploaded to joy of tournaments as the tournament progresses.

Currently, policy debate ballots can be viewed by clicking on "PD Round 1", "PD Round 2", etc.




Lincoln Douglas ballots will be uploaded soon.






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Coppell KB

Westminster SA

Wayzata BS

Greenhill RR

Hooch KM




Bishop Guertin PC

Woodward MP

Colleyville MN

Groves GB

Greenhill BL

Cathedral Prep CH

Pace AL

Hooch LF

Calhoun HP

Colleyville DH

Stratford KC

Portage Northern SG

St Stephens PV

Damien GC

Notre Dame PB

Greenhill HS

Little Rock LS

Kinkaid SB

Head Royce SZ


Carrollton HS

Jesuit OG


Probably missed some

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cool' date=' that sucks that the two greenhill teams hit eachother :( wish tournaments wouldnt do that!


Will be exciting to see who wins though![/quote']


They aren't debating each other...one will advance and get a bid and the other i think gets a ghost bid.

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hooch km v meadows sk

greenhill rr over greenhill hs (oh snap!)

jesuit college prep hn v new trier br

kinkaid sb v head royce zs

mba as v hooch lf

pace al v stratford kc

portrage northern sg v woodward mp

westminster sa v colleyville dh


Despite what it may say "on paper," I'm pretty sure the "p" in Woodward mp is actually a "n" for Brittany Nehmen...

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