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HELP ME!! I keep getting destroyed.

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OK, so i keep getting killed. This is my first year on the debate team, and I am keep getting destroyed. Out of 4 rounds this year, i have won once against a UN Feminism(send women into the UN). I have lost to : Civ Police, Feminism(Some variations), and demining. I have no idea what I should be running/writing. These are the arguments I have:


Tops: Support, Peacekeeping, Ops, Substantially, establish, and increasing.

DAs: Aids in Africa DA That keeps getting link turned. Ill show it to you here:

Aids in Africa DA


A. Uniqueness: The current budget for preventing AIDS in Africa is very small.

“Bush pledged $15 billion dollars towards fighint AIDS in Africa, but that is still a very small amount of money compared to what is needed to completely eliminate AIDS in Africa.”

“The legislation was signed into law by President Bush. The next step is for congress to fund the program through the appropriations process. This year the budget is tight, and is unlikely that it will be fully funded.”

About.com “Aids funding in Africa”


Website available upon request.


B. Link: The Affirmative team's plan costs money, and the AIDS pledge is coming out of other domestic programs, funded by tax dollars.


“... Congresswoman Barbara Lee expressed concern about the provenance of the $15 billion, worried that it would be taken from domestic programs, such as children's health. "We cannot rob Peter to pay Paul," she said, questioning where $15 billion could come from, especially considering the epic tax cuts the President has proposed.”

http://www.africana.com/articles/daily/bw20030225aids.asp The ABC's of Bush's Africa AIDS Policy, By Hisham Aidi, First published: February 25, 2003


C. Brink: The need for money in the affirmative team's case will decrease the amount of funding for the prevention of AIDS in Africa. The U.S. already has a debt of 7.4 trillion dollars and counting.


“The sharp reversal in the budget situation under the Bush administration, from record surpluses to near record deficits, has received a great deal of attention from the media and the general public. However, two other forms of debt - household debt and foreign debt - have also been rising at an unsustainable pace. The trends in these other forms of debt have gone largely unnoticed, even though the implications for the long-term health of the economy are at least as serious as a continued sharp rise in government debt.”

Dean Baker, September 7, 2004, Dangerous Trends: The Growth of Debt in the U.S. Economy , Center for Economic and Policy Research


Website Available Upon Request


D. Impact: Millions of people in Africa will die.

“It is estimated that, 29.4 million people are currently living with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. That is two-thirds of HIV/AIDS cases reported globally. At the individual level, the arithmetic of risk is horrific.In Zimbabwe and Botswana, one in four adults carries the virus. A child born in Zambia or Zimbabwe today is more likely than not to die of AIDS.”


The AIDS Epidemic in Africa, Aids and Africa, Updated September 16, 2004


Website Available upon Request


As you can see, I have very little DA structure, strategy, or experience.


I have basically no evidence, cause my teams evidence box was destroyed and scattered in a car roll over(true story).


Please, I need help. I have no idea where to go. My partner and I run the DA every round, run tops, and try to formulate logical arguments. We have failed.

What are some DA's? I have talked to other debaters and heard of overstrech , end of democracy, nationalism, and an economy DA. Can you please help me with shells, some help with da structure, where i can find my evid and good search tips, what evid. i should have to back up my args on the most used cases(or possibly where I can and should look for it, cause I just search google and it seems very stupid of me), and maybe ANY ideas I could use.


So, in review I need help with:

DAs(structure and ideas)


Tops that are important

Anything else lol



THANK YOU SO MUCH, everyone who read and hopefully will post is so nice.





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a dis-ad has three main parts a Uniquness card, link card (sometimes when need a internal link card) and impact card( internal impact card sometimes)



polix is allways good get your coach to help you wright one but they are allways changing so you need to keep up with it.


a spending DA is usually a good strat. you just have to worry about link turns no messy impact turns except for de-dev.


you can also work on a generic UN bad and generic PKO bad block you can run everytime


case negs can never hurt or come up with some cards saying why the plan can not slove


you can also run a CP that basicly applies every round and you can win on it with some work.

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Whats a polix?


The spending DA shouldn't be too hard, something like Spending too much already, aff team takes money away from the us(how should I get a good link and ev. so i dont get turned), Worldwide destructioin/nukes/etc. Is that correct?


Where can i learn to run a good cp?


In tops, they keep running Peacekeeping and ops together directly from UN, how do i fight that?


Whenever I run more than one top, like on feminism case, they always ask me to name 5 cases that apply. How can i challenge or fix this?

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Whats a polix?


The spending DA shouldn't be too hard, something like Spending too much already, aff team takes money away from the us(how should I get a good link and ev. so i dont get turned), Worldwide destructioin/nukes/etc. Is that correct?


Where can i learn to run a good cp?


In tops, they keep running Peacekeeping and ops together directly from UN, how do i fight that?


Whenever I run more than one top, like on feminism case, they always ask me to name 5 cases that apply. How can i challenge or fix this?



you can use the link cards in you AIDS DA and just get mpx for a collaped economy -> nuclear war. mead 92,98 or lewis 2000. i will get the sites for ya.


polix= politics. it has 2 variations: elections and politcal capital.


elections says

A) uniqueness X candidate is winnning

B) link: plan leads to the other guy to get election b/c ppl like/dislike peackeeping

C) impact other guy is bad


my elections scenario is:

A) uniq:kerry is winning

B) link: plan leads to bush relection. people support pres. who supports UN

C) impact: bush bad he deploys space weapons and space weapons are bad

ps. dont run this after nov. 2!!!!!!!!!


politcal capital DA:


when congress votes on things there is a thing called politcal capital. it is like politcal money (pol cap for short) and when plan is passed it causes the president to spend too much pol cap and that means he cant get another policy done. that policy is good for what ever reason or it could be plan increases the pres. pol cap and he does get that policy passed and that policy is bad for whatever reason.


structure for DA is:


A)uniqueness: good thing happening is status quo (like in economy DA uniq. would be: economy good now)

B) link: aff plan leads to a bad thing (econ. DA would be plan kills economy)

C) bad thing is bad b/c of whatever reason (impact economy DA is that a killed economy leads to war)


you could get some generic UN bad stuff and PKO bad stuff.


i hope i helped

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Where should i get my informatioin though?


Also, what would be some good link evidence for the economy da>?


Also, can you explain the AIDS thing you said again, and get those sites for me?


For the pol. capitol da, do u use cited evidence, or do u just use their case?


I always lose on tops, especially pkos as a whole definition, could u give some tips or somethign to winning tops?


Do you suggest making a counterplan or some ks?

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First of all your going to have to forget politics. As of november all eletions da's are not unique(the elections already happened)

Second the capitol,agenda,and all other forms of politics don't come into play untill congress gets back in session(you can't run them till mid january)

Sure you might want a politix DA but don't spend too much time on it now, the scenerio is bound to change.

On a lighter note:

There are two disadvantages that are easy to put together and aren't to complicated. Also they are very common so searching for evidence won't be hard.

-The Overstretch DA

The Overstretch Da says that right now the military is stretched real thin. the aff plan comes allong and uses troops, and other military stuff(such as sending troops to africa to stop a war) When the aff uses these troops they have to take them from Iraq,NorthKorea, or some other place that needs the troops. Were the troops were ( before the aff sent them to africa or whatever) falls into choas and we fail that mission. This spills over and causes a chain reaction, leading to the US to collapse, and ultimatly cuasing nuclear war, an world anihalation.

This is the srtucture:

A. Uniqueness

Military is spead thin

- evidence about Iraq from the news will do fine

B. link

UN Peacekeeping uses lots troops

- this might be harder to find ask you coach to help you

C. Internal link

Lots of troops are key to mantain US power(the plan took them all)

- again ask for help

D. Impact

Colapse of US power Bad- leads to nuclear war, ect.

-Evidence from a guy named Kahlizad in 1995 is good here.






The second is an AIDS/HIV DA

This is the structure:

A. UN troops have AIDS

- there tons of evidence here, just google it


B. The Aff uses UN troops -

- no need for an actual card just say that the Aff uses troops

C. This spreads AIDS(Could bring it to the US)

- this is the hard part you mught whant some help here

D. AIDS Kills everyone

-just google it

Both of these scenerios are specific to troops, so they only work against cases that use US troops( for overstretch) or Un troops(AIDS)

That should fix your DA problem

About running Cp and K... Talk to your coach and see if he has any ideas for a counter plan, maybe you can have NATO do the plan insted of the UN or US( this gets out of the DA's) Don't worry about k, its way to complicated for a first year debater to worry about.

Hope this helps

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That was very helpful thank you. Now, what should I do about tops? I always lose on every single top, how should i argue it better? ANy Tips?

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O.K. hear goes the topicality spill

The basic argument that T(short for topicality) makes is that the Aff is not topical,thus leading to the negative not bieng prepared and abuse.Abuse is bad becuase it decreses education, and is not fair.

Here is a basic suport T

A. Interpration

support is troops {insert definition}

B. Violation

The Aff does not send troop, insted they send,________

C. Standards

1. Limits- limits the aff to a finite number of caes I.E. only those that send troops. This limits out all cases that make minor changes to the Stutus Quo such as send one dollar more, or give a diplomatic phone call. Limits are key because without them the negative would have a unfair reserch burden, killing all hopes of education or a fair debate.

2. Ground-provides for fair negative ground, allowing for a good debate,by providing specfic links IE overstretch, hegemony, ect. when we argue in depth about good debate that increases education.

3. Bright line- either the aff uses troops or they don't. Allows for a cleear and easy distinction

4. Effect bad- the aff must be on face topical. Any case could become topical because of the effects of solvency, or advantages . Allowing the aff to be effectual allows them to take multiple steps killing limits.

5. Extra topicality- the whole aff plan must be topical. if any part of the plan is not topical the plan must be rejected. This provides for the most Bright line as well as specific ground. If plans can be extra topical aff's could just write last minute spikes to get out of all Da's.

D. voter

Education- the porpose of debate is to educate. without education debate is meaningless. Un topical cases must be voted down to protect education.

Competitive equity- if the aff could be untopicall they would allways win. No one would debate because they could never win on the negative. to ensure the contiued pracice of debate the judge must vote down nontopical cases

Jurisisdiction-as a judge you can't vote for nontopical case

Ask your coach if you don't understand FX, Extra T, or Comp Equ, these are more advanced t arguments.

Topicality is a very whinney argument and most judges don't vote for it if its not well explained. Spend lots of time playing up why you are being abusd and why that matters. If you plan on going for it spend allof your 2NR and go hard and emtional

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Here are some good topicality annologies you can use in rebutles to prove why T is important

Judge, think of an Apple Pie Judging Contest. At the contest you can only judge apple pies because it is an apple pie contest. If someone brings the best pie you have ever tasted and its a pecan pie; you have to DQ them because it is a Pecan Pie in an Apple Pie Contest. The AFF team has just brought a Pecan Pie to an Apple Pie competition. You know they have a Pecan Pie because they are Un-topical on word X. Thus you must vote them down even if they are the best pie ever.


(this came from Newb0rMax0r's The Ultimate Guide to Lay Judges- check ou this artical it has tones of good speaking advice in general for all rounds)


T is like soccer field lines. Soccer is a game, just like debate. If ther were no lines the players of soccer would run were ever they wanted. The game would be imposible to refere as well as play. The other team could just take the ball and run in a sriaght line to china. We would never get around to actualy playing soccer. Topicality provides thes guide lines, without them the Aff would just run what ever they wan't and the neg would never get to debate about the actual issues.


(this is my own) vbmenu_register("postmenu_663712", true);

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That helps a lot! Now, for a few more things.


1. Where should I get my defs? I have heard awesome neg tops from some guy in the UN for PKO, but where else?


2. What should I run against these cases?


Civ. Police

Unarmed Volunteers

MOre women in the UN



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O.K on T

You can get topicality definitions from almost anywhere. Dictionaryies are nice but these are common and usualy aren't specific to the un

Contxual definitions are the other type of def. These come from articals, and their context(hence the name)

All a definition has to say is, Somthing is____________(somithing is the word in the resolution you are defining)

Many of my definitions come from the Un website and other Magizine that talk about the un alot. They say say things like,"Peacekeeping means sending troops to a area were ther is a Un cease fire" and " The Un means every nation in the organization"

On the cases:

There is no one fix all for argueing cases. usualy a good T, a strong Da, and a Cp can beat any case. The problem is the have to specificaly aply. What case do you hit the most and what does it basicaly say(WHATS THE INHERENCY, HARMS OR ADVANTAGE and solvency) if i had this tspecific info imight be able to help more.

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When you say a da and a cp, i dont get it. I though when u ran a cp u dont run das or tops, and u just say that ur plan is better?




the DA should be specific to the plan and the CP should not link to it. then you use the DA as a reason why the CP is better (its called a net benefit). you can even run more than one DA with the CP. :P


for example, you could run a politics DA that says the plan would give bush political capital which is bad because he'll use it to nuke north korea. you can also run a counterplan with it that says NATO should do the plan because it wont give bush any capital to nuke with, so you save all those lives on top of gaining solvency.


and topicality you can run anytime, it's a totally independent issue from the merits of the plan vs. the CP

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okay, heres the deal. for topicality for beginners, get violations that say operations= one policy that supports all, and operations= must support one. that way you have a T that you run every round (which you should always do), as well as the other violations you have. later, you should probabley define every word. and dont run 2 T's in the same round. run the one that is most specific to the case. Topicality is easy to win. they will make answers in the 2ac like this.

1 we meet- then they explain why they meet your violation

2) counter interpretation- this is the affirmatives interpretation of the resolution, that conflicts with yours.

3) counter standerds- these are there reasons why their interpretation is better.

4) is there no voters. lit checks, clash checks, blah blah blah.


to answer these:

1) off their w/m- re explain why they dont meet. dont just read your 1nc shell again. spend a little time and explain why they dont meet throughly.

2) off their standards- explain why your interpretation is the best in the debate, and why their interpretation is bad.

3) off their no voters- always have a jurisdiction voter, because this solves back all of their no voters. and explain in round abuse.


these are really basic answers, and you should block out a violation so you have prepared answers, but dont become block dependent.


2nd- you can and should run at LEAST a da, cp, and T. you should also probabley run case. these all function together, and you always drop all but one in the 2nr (except da and case). and if you want, a kritik. and if you were only running T and a da or just a c/p, how much time did you have left in the 1nc? and do you spread? you should if you dont.


you can get evidence from cross-x. people post tons of cards. also, go to the book of impacts. ceda-ndt.uchicago.edu/BofIIndex.htm. these are just impacts, but from there, you can link to other files. you can also buy the thursday file, and block out a politics scenario, and buy a spending file. also look up UDL free evidence. its REALLY bad, but it can be used and you can get other ideas and recut the scenarios. and try to get camp files off of someone. these are also bad, but better than BOI or UDL ev. non of these are ideal, but they are better than nothing. i dont recomend unless you are in a pinch.

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THank you everyone. You have helped me so much, and in my last debate, I won both of my rounds, plus beat the best team in my league(which isnt very good, but still). Thank you so much, everythign is making more sense now.

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get west coast. its a very good stuff in it.


i agree with darkness. west coast has a lot of good things but don't use one of their aff cases cause they are poorly structured but make sure you get the handbook for wut you're looking for cause there are like 4 different ones

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Or . . . um. . . cut your own evidence because all camp files/debate handbooks suck.

1) cutting ur evidence yourself is good if you can do it rite

2) camp evidence is the worse thing to have but keep any for back up evidence

3) debate handbooks are actually pretty okay not counting the fact that others

may have the same one as you and have the 'Answers to..."

but other than that they're okay

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cut your own evidence. you'll have a better understanding of what you're reading, rather than cutting an entire west coast book that has a marginal amount of good cards.

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It's true, I'd rather have an expando of evidence that I have cut and that I know, than a tub of marginal and possibally misstagged cards from some handbook.

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My favorite DA's are Overstretch (military or monetary), AIDS, World Gov., Fiscal Restraint, Bush bad/good (unfortunatly the elections are over). The worst DA ever is political capital!

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