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Topicality Theory file...

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This is great generic file that can be used on every topic EVERY neg round and even some AFF rounds.


Check it out at Evazon!

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Overall, I would definitely recommend this file for only $4. It can easily be used in just about every round you're in. It takes the basic arguments and goes into depth with them providing more than just one-liners but also analysis. It also contains a couple other good answers to unforeseen arguments and even carded responses such as is with the A/T OSPEC.

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How is this T file any different than the free one that is on the U of Chicago website?




And the address of the "free one" is... ?

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Some of the arguments are different.... but if that's not good enough... I have updated the T file... This is a MUCH MUCH BETTER deal than Casey's T file.




I have added almost 40 pages of Africa stuff. Included are 23 shells for the new topic!


1NC T- USFG = One Branch 3

1NC T- Federal = National 5

1NC T- USFG ≠ NGO’s 6

1NC T- Should = Expectation 7

1NC T- Establish = Material Support 8

1NC T- Establish Policy ≠ Courts 9

1NC T- Policy ≠ NGO’s 10

1NC T- Its = USFG 12

1NC T- It’s = Public 13

1NC T- Increase=New 14

1NC T- Increase = Net Increase 15

1NC T- Public = People 16

1NC T- Public = Not Subsets 17

1NC T- Health = Good Health 18

1NC T- Public Health 19

1NC T- Public Health Assistance = Medicine 20

1NC T- Public Health Assistance 21

1NC T- To SSA = Individual Countries 22

1NC T- To = All 23

1NC T-Sub Saharan Africa (Extra T) 24


“The” Definitions 25

“USFG” Definitions 26

“Federal Government” Definitions 27

“United States” Definitions 28

“Federal” Definitions 30

“Should” Definitions 31

“Increase” Definitions 32

“Public” Definitions 33

“Health” Definitions 34


Effects Good 35

Effects Bad 36

Extra Good 37

Extra Bad 38


Contextuality Good 39

Contextuality Bad 40

Common Person Bad 41

Dictionary Definitions Good 42

Dictionary Definitions Bad 43

Legal Definitions Good 44

Legal Definitions Bad 45

Brightline Good 46

Limits Good 47

Bidirectionality Bad 48


AT: Framers Intent 49

AT: AFF has Presumption 50

AT: T = RVI 51

AT: Ground isn’t a Voter 52

AT: Jurisdiction not a Voter 53

AT: Reasonability 54

AT: Lit/Clash/Disclosure Checks 55

AT: Aff Interprets 56

AT: OSPEC Interpretation 57

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