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[AFF] Circumcision

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Just some friendly advice to help the quality of these debates..I judged one of these debates at UNT and after reading discussion..i thought i would add (and im just bored):


I think one of the biggest hurdle for those who want to run these types of affs (dealing with FGM or male circumcision) is that the US doesnt have to do it. Goodluck finding reasons why the US SPECIFICALLY has to facilitate male circumcision or provide education against FGM. If we're talking about financial assistance or education, "Another country" CP solves. Also, NGOs have been working on these issues already and there are lots of NGOs that work to promote women's rights on an international AND local level (which might be better than the US doing it for political reasons, read: this CP avoids politics DAs)


Also, specifically when it comes to this FGM aff, Z..you might be underestimating the power of the K against this aff. The US providing education, i.e. telling Africans that their cultural practice of FGM is wrong provides the neg with big K link ground. Whether we, as Americans, personally think it's wrong is one thing...but imposing our beliefs, in any form (education, $, otherwise) isn't our place.


Last thing, this aff has numerous solvency deficits. Even with the plan, I doubt that FGM will be curbed in its entirety; the plan will force it to go underground, which can be worse. And, since the cultural attitudes remain the same, the plan won't really solve for the root cause of why FGM happens in the first place. The plan just addresses a symptom not the cause...which again, might open some K link ground up if its not used a solvency deficit. Also, education about FGM and anti-FGM laws is already happening in these countries...I doubt the remedies that the plan seeks to provide will make the SQ much better. And last but not least, there are numerous reasons why HIV/AIDS is prevalent in Africa and this is only one of many... one has to question whether FGM is really a big cause of it.


Just my thoughts.

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