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Tidewater 2007

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I am concerned though that so few teams appared in Contemp. That makes two straight years of minimal representation with only two regions filling in. I'm afraid that if Classic continues to field teams, and contemp falls apart, they'll get rid of Contemp (the current thinking is that Classic is on the chopping block) and replace it with PF Debate....scary stuff...

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the turnout was pretty good this year. A and AA fielded 9 teams in contemp (more than the norm, i believe) and AAA fielded 6 teams. not counting the richmond area, aren't most AAA schools located in the two regions we're talking about? i'm pretty sure if those two regions were given more slots to fill, they could do so. there was a proposal a while back that if a region didn't use all of its slots in an event, they would be filled by alternates pulled up from other regions / districts. that made sense to me, but i guess i was in the minority.


i'm not sure what coaches in active districts / regions can do to grow the activity in schools halfway across the state. the better question is: what's the vhsl doing to promote the activity? and the answer is: not much.

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Yes..that motion was voted down.


I believe that one division of debate - either Contemp or Classic - will dissapear in order to make room for PF. It seems to be the will of the leadership of VHSL, and although I don't agree with it, I can see it happening.


If VHSL fails to promote debate, it's up to the coaches..so how do we do it?



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Wow, this thread is too quiet...


How were Regionals for the Beach, if you've had them already?


Northern Regions results were:



1st - Thomas Jefferson CK (4-0, 226.0)

2nd - Woodson LK (3-1, 223.0)

3rd - Thomas Jefferson LS (3-1, 216.0)


Call-Up - TC Williams FE (3-1, 210.0)



1st - Thomas Jefferson WZ (4-0)

2nd - West Potomac ?? (3-1)

3rd - ?? ?? (3-1)


Call-Up - Thomas Jefferson DX (2-2)

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