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[AFF] Debt Forgiveness

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debt cancellation would allow the money saved to be spent on public health programs.


capitalism/globalization is bad, the IMF and world bank is evil. those are the advantages to be garnered.


it's more of a touchy feely Z-magazine kind of aff.


also topicality is genocidal.


allowing money to be spent on PHS is not the same as watching them happen. thats the whole point of the corruption evidence - the leaders are just going to pocket the change in various ways. plus, lets say you make demands coupled to the debt forgiveness - then you run into the problems we have been running into - china is using our interest payments on our debt to finance no-interest long-long-long-term loans to developing countries. and they are probably pretty sure they arent going to see the money ever again, but as a result, their soft power is rising quickly among the developing world and we are screwed doubly for a) not helping and B) having china go one-up on us. you cant give corrupt societies money... but what is a defacto dictator or warlord going to do with four million chemically treated mosquito nets? distribute them so he can maintain a hold on his power by being benevolent to the people he is oppressing. which is another problem in an of it self, but at least the people are receiving healthcare in that situation and not getting doubly screwed by their leaders.

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