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Hey, I can't get a copy of "Technological Imperatives: Using Computers in Academic Debate" anywhere. I found it on ERIC, but it didn't have the actual text. Does anyone have this. The authors are Ticku, Ravinder; Phelps, Greg. I need this badly. Thanks in advance.



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Ebsco and OhioLink are turning up nothing more than the ERIC abstract. If there is an electronic copy of it, I can't find it. Ebsco says there's probably microfilm of it somewhere. Check with nearby college libraries for "Resources in Education" Dec 1987.


What do you want with an article from 1987 anyway?

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Just to put things in perspective, here are some facts about where "personal computing" was in the year the article in question was published:

  • IBM introduces OS/2 1.0
  • Microsoft releases Windows 2.0
  • Microsoft releases MS-DOS 3.3
  • The Commodore 64, 128, and Amiga systems are still commercially available
  • The Atari ST is still commercially available

It was a different world back then, folks, and it is doubtful that many conclusions drawn about personal computers and debate back then would still be valid today...

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