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i realize its a few weeks off, but anyone cutting new cases??? i have been contemplating an Alices Restraunt parody 1AC... but i'll prolly stick with fire corps, and switch up my advantages, i'll also be back with Jeremy... so that will be alot more interesting

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im rolling the same aff...but i can give you an idea of the line-up for IF








the top three are probably set...after that there is some room to move around

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I will not be debating.


awww, we that shalt be no fun!!!


on a lighter note, i doubt we will fill a full team, we ahve about 3 novice who actually appear to give a fuck, other than that, nothing... our outline looks like:



Christenson with a nov

Prolly George and Conor

the rest novices


i'll stick with fire corps, the noobs will be running wtf they want, but will prolly not know it well, however the team from SHS that most of us will be hitting will be fully prepped with K blocks, but who knows how well that'll do...


also im happy to see that austin will be debating, i plan on spreading him like a 2 cent whore... and he will love every minute of it lol!!

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Lol @ district IV, me and my partner are scared of the other teams getting a sympathy vote. I know like 3 people went to state from district IV last year because they kept getting sympathy votes.

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