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unfortunately for your theory, the block does not mean an automatic win on a heg debate. heg bad is non-unique, and all the other alts to heg require a lot of work from the neg to win. i'm not saying that heg bad is a losing debate (i run it) but that it isn't an automatic win.


plus, heg good is pretty true in that if there is no global hegemon, it will cause power wars.


and, as was mentioned earlier, heg good wins rounds. against good teams. check yourself before you wreck yourself.


first thing i gotta say I LOVE U for the check ur self ALI G MOTHER FUKERS

but the thing is hege bad IS NOT NON UNIQUE iraq gives it uniqueness, see i claim us spreading our hege caused iraq and on top of it ur own evidence if u claim hege good ur uniqness says hege decline is coming or has, i say it has to and go HARD CORE hege decline inevitable and if it is we should not try to increase it b/c it would inevitably decline and we powerhouse on our alt to hege than we read from 4-8 scenarios of hege bad that our alt solves...in the block we read the same 4 minute(for me) frontline on how hege decline is inev with more than 10 reasons y

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