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Maine East Invitation

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December 20, 2006



Dear Colleague:


On behalf of the Maine East H.S. Debate Team and Maine East High School, we would like to invite you to the Thirteenth Annual Maine East Debate Tournament (Regatta). It will take place on February 23-25, 2007. Our tournament has been designated as a semi-finals level qualifier for the Tournament of Champions. Last year we were able to host 74 teams in the open division and 48 teams in the novice division. Georgetown Day closed out the open division while Bishop Guertin H.S. closed out the novice division. Please note our tournament has six preliminary rounds in both divisions. We hope that you and your squad will be able to attend a snow and misdemeanor free tournament.


Dates: Friday through Sunday, February 23-25, 2007


Place: Maine East High School

2601 W. Dempster

Park Ridge, IL 60068


Tab Room: Tara Tate of Glenbrook South, Christina Tallungan of Glenbrook North, Linda Oddo of New Trier, hopefully Tim Alderete of the Meadows School and others I will dragoon will be supervising our tab staff.


Events: POLICY DEBATE: We will be offering a Novice Division (first year debaters) and an Open Division in cross examination style switch-side debate. The format will be 8-3-5 with 8 minutes prep time. There will be six preliminary rounds with four powered rounds. Elimination rounds will begin with octo-finals or partial doubles if numbers dictate (more than 24 teams 4-2 or better).


LINCOLN DOUGLAS: We are continuing the Lincoln Douglas Division of 5-6 preliminary debates (double flighted) with appropriate elimination rounds. We will run separate novice and open divisions if numbers will dictate (i.e. 30 or more debaters in each division). Please let me know by January 30 if you would be interested in novice and open Lincoln Douglas divisions, so we can determine whether we will have sufficient numbers to offer these events. We will be using the January/February L-D topic. The entry fee will be $35 per debater.


Topic: National service, love it or leave it


Awards: Top fifteen speakers in each division and all elimination round participants in novice and open policy.


Chaperones: Each school must be supervised by an official coach or assistant coach


Judging: Each school will be required to provide one judge for every two teams entered in the tournament. High school students must have at least 3 years debate experience to judge the novice division. Judges are obligated one round beyond the furthest advancing team from their school. A limited number of hired judges will be available at a rate of $100.00 per team. One judge is needed to cover each team, thus if you have two teams and hire a judge, you will owe $200.00. We understand that these fees are high, but these fees are designed to give schools incentives to hire their own judges.


Fees: $50.00 per team. Please make checks payable to Maine East High School.


Lodging: Maine East H.S. is in close proximity to a number of relatively inexpensive hotels at the Milwaukee and Lake Avenue intersection and O’Hare Airport.


Courtyard by Marriott O’Hare (Jeff Martin) (773) 714-4239

Baymont Inn (847) 635-8300

Fairfield (847) 299-1600

Courtyard (847) 803-2500

DoubleTree (847) 803-9800

Best Western (847) 965-6400

Radisson (847) 298-2525

Motel 6 (847) 390-7200

Hyatt Deerfield (the Glenbrooks Hotel, but twice as far) (847) 945-3400


Meals: Inexpensive meals and snacks will be available throughout the day on Friday and Saturday.


Registration: Please fill in the attached registration form and send or fax it by Thursday, February 15, 2007. You may also e-mail your entries to wtang@jenkens.com. The fax number at school is (847) 692-8499. Entries must be confirmed between 10:00 AM and noon, Friday, February 23, 2007.



Tentative Tournament Schedule


Friday, February 23, 2007


Confirm entries between 10:00AM and noon by calling (847) 692-8500


Registration: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Round One Open (the Ghoshal-Laurin Debate) 4:30 PM

Round One Novice (the Abrahamiam-Velazquez Debate)


Round Two Open (the Fergus-Hayden Debate): 6:00 PM

Round Two Novice (the Loseva-Moore Debate):


Dinner: 7:30 to 8:00 PM


Round Three Open (the Ahmed-Volpert Debate): 8:00 PM

Round Three Novice (the Patel-Thomas Debate):


Saturday, February 24, 2007


Round Four Open (the Patel-Yalovetskaya Debate): 8:00 AM

Round Four Novice (the Barnstein-Patel Debate):


Round Five Open (the Muench-Patel Debate): 10:30 AM

Round Five Novice (the Ghoshal-Konieczny Debate):


Lunch: 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM


Round Six (the Lenny Gail Debate): 1:30 PM


Open Doubles (the Patrick McMullen Tutorial): 4:00 PM

Novice Octos (the Lee Muench Tutorial)


Awards Assembly 6:00PM


Open Octos (the Brian Prestes Tutorial) 7:00PM

Novice Quarters (the Brook Dooley Tutorial):


Sunday, February 25, 2007


Open Quarters (the Heather Moore Tutorial): 10:00 AM

Novice Semis (the Eric Truett Tutorial)


Open Semifinals (the Jon Holbrook Tutorial): 12:00 PM

Novice Finals (the Paul Flaig Tutorial)


Open Finals (the Nancy Wallace Tutorial): 2:00 PM



Directions: Maine East H.S. is located at the corner of Dempster and Potter Roads in Park Ridge. There is a Dempster Road exit on I-294 north which is just west of the school. Coming south on I-294, exit on Golf Road East, take a right on Potter and go down to Dempster. Please call for more specific directions.


If you have any questions contact Wayne Tang at work (312) 425-8641 or home (773) 871-5349 or by E-mail wtang@jenkens.com. Thank you and we hope to see you in February.







___________________________ ____________________________

Edward J. Eubank, Danny Abbas,

Fine Arts Dept. Chair Captain Maine East Debate Team



__________________________ _____________________________

Wayne L. Tang, Elizabeth Kloser,

Debate Coach Captain Maine East Debate Team



DEBATE COACH: _____________________________________________________

SCHOOL: _____________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________


PHONE: _____________________ E-MAIL:________________________




TEAM #1 ____________________ & ________________________


TEAM #2 ____________________ & ________________________


JUDGE: __________________________________


TEAM #3 ____________________ & ________________________


TEAM #4 ____________________ & ________________________


JUDGE: __________________________________




TEAM #1 ____________________ & ________________________


TEAM #2 ____________________ & ________________________


JUDGE: __________________________________


TEAM #3 ____________________ & ________________________


TEAM #4 ____________________ & ________________________


JUDGE: __________________________________



LINCOLN DOUGLAS TEAMS (indicate if novice or open):


DEBATER #1 __________________________ DEBATER #2____________________


DEBATER #3 ___________________________ JUDGE: ________________________


DEBATER #4 __________________________ DEBATER #5____________________


DEBATER #6 ___________________________ JUDGE: ________________________


Use additional sheets if you need to enter more teams. Please return or fax this form by Thursday February 15, 2007. Please make checks payable to Maine East High School.

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Wtf? Topicality? What's that?


It's that thing that says that resolution thingy is good.


Although I haven't heard of this 'resolution' ever. I think it's just some made-up shit to throw teams off. Like Zizek - it's just a timesuck.

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It's that thing that says that resolution thingy is good.


Although I haven't heard of this 'resolution' ever. I think it's just some made-up shit to throw teams off. Like Zizek - it's just a timesuck.


Derek, I think you need a Bahamavention.

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Proof that tournaments that want to accomodate debaters who can't find institutional support AND maintain their TOC bid can do so, if willing. This acceptance is much appreciated by many even if used by few.

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My partner and I will be attending this tournament in Febuary and we're wondering if anyone has had the good fortune to find an EXTREMELY CHEAP Hotel for us to stay in with access to maine eastAny help would be greatly aprecciated.

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