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2007 Golden Desert Invitational

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Guest MG9589
Partial Octos

Damien CG (1) advances without debating

Highland TC (2) advances without debating

Meadows SK (3) advances without debating

Coronado WH (4) advances without debating

Damien HB (12) (Aff) d. GBS KJ (5) (2-1)

Meadows CS (6) (neg) d. Lone Peak TV (11) (3-0)

Damien BN (7) (neg) d. Oak Park River Forest LG(10) (3-0)

Woodward Academy RM (Negative) (8) d. Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart FV (9) (?-?)


I'm not absolutely sure about these (but fairly sure, I have a bracket in front of me so the pairings are right anyway.)

Dayton Thorpe (Highland TC) was first speaker.


I heard that Carrollton picked up against Woodward.

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if Elliot's bracket works out, the pairings should be.

Damien CG vs. Woodward/Carrolton

Coronado vs. Damien BH

Highland CT vs. Damien BN

Meadows KS vs. Meadows CS

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Here's all the speakers available in the results packet:


1. Dayton Thorpe (Highland TC)

2. Trevor Chenoweth (Damien GC)

3. Elliot Carr-Lee (Highland TC)

4. Korbin Coskey (Meadows CS)

5. Andres Gannon (Damien GC)

6. Ian Nelson (Damien BN

7. Bobby Rosenbleeth (Woodward Academy RM)

8. Evan MAtthews (Woodward Academy RM)

9. Dianna Ferguson (Carrolton School of FV)

10. Jeremy Selesner (Meadows SK)

11. Jacob Wells (Coronado HW)

12. Ryan Saxe (Meadows CS)

13. Bobby Kim (Meadows SK)

14. Pamela Villa (Carrolton School of FV)

15. Gabriel Baumgaertner (Damien BN)

16. Mary Gregg (Oak Park River Forest LG)

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Wait, so Gulliver didn't break? Nor did any CPS teams?


And congrats to all teams that got bids. :)


The varsity Gulliver team went 2-4.

The novice team, however, went 6-0 and was first seed, going on to win the tournament against Damien ?? on a 3-0.

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