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Michigan debate powerhouses

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I'm always pleasantly surprised to see how many "up-north" schools get into quarter-finals, semi-finals...this was a good year in division three for that.


Manton, McBain, and Elk Rapids (my home team!) all got in. Poor Manton had to hit Brother Rice right off the bat, but none of us went without a fight. In the finals, my partner and I split with Brother Rice for the win. (As in we LOST, obviously, but we split the ballot o_O)


As far as garnering national attention, most people from out of state don't know much of northern Michigan, and since Traverse City didn't compete this year, their internal map of who the hell lives "up there" is totally skewed.


We're basically unknowns from the Land of the Mitten before we start.

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Well in my opinion powerhouses are teams that produce ressults every year and are successful at all three levels of debate. I think just having one successful team is not quite enough to be a "powerhouse". That being said obviously Groves is a powerhouse, but I think there are more "newer" schools making an impact on all levels of debate. I think Forest Hills Northern and H.H. Dow will have strong teams for many years to come because they are constantly working on and building up there novice programs which is the key to becoming a real "powerhouse".

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top 7 in the state are (in no perticular order)










Frankly, I think this week, especially the line up of teams that broke in D2, show that we really can't do lineups like this. Despite the accolades that constantly get brought upon numerous teams for how "wicked sweet" their program is, the "little guy" can always sneak up on you. Raise your hands if you thought Gaylord, Northview, and Cadillac would all break. Anybody...anybody...anybody? Oh, wait, that's right, NO ONE DID. That's not to insult those programs in any way; all of them are perfectly legit and i respect all those programs. But this only goes to show that rankings like these really take away from the quality of debate.


However, since I know that we can't dissuade people from doing lists like these (we still don't know who coolio07 is yet), I would add portage northern, HH Dow, and west bloomfield, teams that showed consistancy throughout the year and remained competitive throughout due to lots of people joining (well, maybe that's not always the case with my program) and very very good coaching. However, I think all these "rankings" are going to be shot to pieces next year because there are A LOT of people graduating.

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