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1. Nupi Bhushan Greenhill

2. Julius Mitchell Payton

3. Rajesh Jegadeesh Westminster

4. Nathan Starr Cathedral Prep

5. Greg Rodarte Damien

6. Sean Hernandez Damien

7. Amrit Kamboj Portage Northern

8. Noah Charles Marquette

9. Eric Frazier Grapevine

10. Monica Chatterjee Westminster

11. Sameena Haque Westminster

12. Rahul Sastry MBA

13. John Trevino Payton

14. TJ DeKemper Bishop Guertin

15. David Petersen CR Wash

16. Maria Liu Okemos

17. Sylvia Borowska Oak Park

18. Jackie Fabian Bishop Guertin

19. Pierce Bailey Bishop Guertin

20. Neha Malik Westminster

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Can anyone be so kind a fill in the octos and quarters gaps it would be much apprecited.


Or maybe even who won the whole thing? (varsity)

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Can anyone be so kind a fill in the octos and quarters gaps it would be much apprecited.



01. Montgomery Bell BD d. 32. Lexington MM (Jack Mizerak & Stas Moroz)

02. Westminster WS d. 31. New Trier SB (Will Sabransky & Vanessa Bernick)

03. Caddo Magnet GG d. 30. Marquette BW (Gaurav Bhatnagar & Nolan Wanecke)

04. Greenhill AH d. 29. Lexington GS (Stevie Gnatovich & Kelsey Savage)

05. College Prep PK advanced over 28. College Prep YH (Sandy Yuan & Tyler He)

27. Greenhill RR d. 06. Chattahoochee IS (Ovais Inamullah & Gary Seidman)

07. Burlington SJ d. 26. St. Ignatius EM (Patrick Elwell & Scott Movens)

25. Colleyville Heritage HD d. 08. Bishop Guertin GO (Bill Gerath & A.J. O'Donnell)

24. Chattahoochee MY d. 09. Dallas Jesuit OS (Sean O'Brien & Ryan Stevens)

23. Miami Palmetto HH d. 10. Stratford KC (William Karlson & Brian Cole)

11. Woodlands LM d. 22. Woodward KS (Amanda Kamor & Lina Skandalakis)

12. Pace Academy CF d. 21. Rufus King AA (Amjad Asad & Asad Asad)

20. Burlington HW d. 13. Westminster AA (Elizabeth Allan & Priyanka Anand)

14. Groves WK d. 19. Shawnee Mission East KM (Sean Kennedy & Danny Mapes)

15. Centerville JC d. 18. Pinecrest CG (Chloe Castello & Jeff Glass)

17. Wayzata SN d. 16. Woodward BR (Bobo Bose-Kolanu & Bobby Rosenbleeth)



01. Montgomery Bell BD d. 17. Wayzata SN (Megan Swenson & Ana Nikolic)

02. Westminster WS d. 15. Centerville JC (Eli Jacobs & Parker Cronin)

14. Groves WK d. 03. Caddo Magnet GG (RJ Giglio & Cameron Goldsmith)

04. Greenhill AH d. 20. Burlington HW (Ian Hemley & Spencer Wright)

05. College Prep PK d. 12. Pace Academy CF (Simi Chaudhry & Michael Fields)

27. Greenhill RR d. 11. Woodlands LM (Eric Lanning & Leah Moczulski)

07. Burlington SJ d. 23. Miami Palmetto HH (Jackie Hattler & Kate Hauser)

25. Colleyville Heritage HD d. 24. Chattahoochee MY (Samurai Mehling & Candice Yip)



01. Montgomery Bell BD d. 25. Colleyville Heritage HD (James Hamraie & Evan Defilippis)

02. Westminster WS d. 07. Burlington SJ (Matt Senghas & Evan Johnson)

14. Groves WK d. 27. Greenhill RR (Nicholas Rogan & Olivia Rogan)

04. Greenhill AH d. 05. College Prep PK (Karina Piser & Bon Koo)



04. Greenhill AH d. 01. Montgomery Bell BD (Jamie Berk & Kyle Davis)

02. Westminster WS d. 14. Groves WK (Jon Warsh & Sara Kirsch)



04. Greenhill AH d. 02. Westminster WS (Stephen Weil & Anshu Sathian)



04. Greenhill AH (Mat Andrews & Bryant Huang)

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