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Mid-America Cup Results

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16. Eagan GZ d. 1. Winfield Cook/Gill

2. Marquette BW d. 15. Wichita East Duong/Petersen

3. Shawnee Mission East KM d. 14. Rufus King Asad/Asad

4. Iowa City LR d. 13. Edina Gschniedner/Chin

12. Olathe Northwest EP d. 5. Wayzata Swenson/Nikolic

6. Homewood Flossmor GG d. 11. Oak Park Libgober/Gregg

7. Highland Park GO d. 10. Shawnee Mission East Crist/Perbeck

9. St. Stephen's Episcopal VP d. 8. Dowling Catholic Kruse/Nelson




9. St. Stephen's Episcopal VP d. 16. Eagan Gardner/Zi

2. Marquette BW d. 7. Highland Park Garcia/Olson

3. Shawnee Mission East KM d. 6. Homewood Flossmor Greenberg/Glass

12. Olathe Northwest EP d. 4. Iowa City Ludwig/Rocklin




9. St. Stephen's Episcopal VP d. 12. Olathe Northwest Egan/Parkinson

2. Marquette BW d. 3. Shawnee Mission East Kennedy/Mapes




2. Marquette BW d. 9. St. Stephen's Episcopal VanMiddlesworth/Patrick




Marquette Gaurav Bhatnagar and Nolan Wanecke




1. Gaurav Bhatnagar (Marquette BW)

2. Maddie Gardner (Eagan GZ)

3. Doug Gschniedner (Edina CG)

4. John Cook (Winfield CG)

5. Ana Nikolic (Wayzata NS)

6. Danny Mapes (Shawnee Mission East KM)

7. Matthew Petersen (Wichita East PD)

8. Rob Ludwig (Iowa City LR)

9. Sean Kennedy (Shawnee Mission East KM)

10. Juan Garcia (Highland Park GO)

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