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does anyone have biopower good cards/file?

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i really need a biopower good file (or a large set of cards). if anyone knows where i could potentially research the idea also, that would be great.



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Not all types of biopower are bad so any evidence that you find that said it is good probly won't be indicting the forms of biopower that the critique will be addressing. Rather you should be looking for cards that say that foucault, agamben, [insert other biopower author here] is wrong (and make sure you can explain why). Then find some solid offense to put on the alternative, like i think there is some evidence out there that says that Foucault doesn't preclude state action and that he utilizes totalizing concepts while prohibiting them, and then you should always put some kind of perm on the criticism. But as for "biopower good" cards i don't think they will say what they need to in order to win the round for you because its going to be hard to defend that some of the coercive and disciplinary power that foucault talks about is actually good.

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