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Northeast's Best of the Best

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Let's talk about the best debaters the northeast has put out since 2000?


Any thoughts?


I'll toss some out there:



Alex Gomelsky (Bergenfield)

Dan Ballen (Edgemont)

Raiid Ahmad (Edgemont)

Ben Collins (Lexington)

Eli Kaplan (GDS)

Mike Gentille (GDS)

Kacey Wolmer (Stuyvesant)



Discusssss. Anyone seen these people debate? good storieS?

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let's not make this a "repeat the decent debaters from my school" post... We're talking top national debaters with legitimate, consistent success in and out of the Northeast. I wouldn't put most of the names here in that category, though most are close I'm sure.

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Fine, I'll justify my solely burlington choices.


Nick Landsman-Roos: Won college JV Nats as a freshman, went to the NDT his sophomore year with a novice partner. Won West Point and was first speaker this year, among other successes.

Josh Kernoff: No analysis needed.

Sarah/Lindsay: Each got a bid as juniors, went to the TOC as seniors, were the first girl-girl team to qualify in 2004-2005, went 4-0 day 1 of the TOC and then lost to the best three teams there.

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Why are there no lexington kids on this thread? How about Alex Jenson? and Leo Zimmerman, Doowon and Suegwon (sp?) Wang, And there is no justification for not having Sarah DelNido (sp). And there's one more team that i know i'm forgetting, simply because i never saw the kids, but it was the year before Leo and Alex were seniors that these kids dominated.

I can second that Lidner is one of the tops, but i'm not so sure about louis. There was an Emma from Stuyvessant that was damn good, that graduated in 2000. I don't know if Guy and Lackey warrant inclusion on the top debaters list from North east but they definitely qualify for the second tier. I'd say the same goes for Pace and whoever from Lasalle, although i'm not sure i'd place them as high up as Lackey and Guy. Kernoff definitely earned a spot up in the top of the list though. Another team is Adam Herbert and Steve Herzog from Susquehannock, though there are legitimate arguments to not place them in the top list. Seriously kids, just because someone is the top team your school had in the past 5 years does not mean they're one of the best teams or debaters the region had in the past 5.

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