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I'm going to clue you people into a couple of things so that this discussion can move forward:


1. "gimmick account", although gimmicky, is ALSO connected to the IR academy, and waving your grad school penis in her face is neither compelling nor responsive. Going out of your way to be a jerk, and then saying explicitly that you are doing so, is unlikely to "piss [her] off for no reason" or have a constructive impact.

2. Thanks for treating us all like idiots who don't know the difference between the Morgenthau era and present day. You can reduce this discussion to the semantics of "neorealism" vs. "realism nowadays" vs "realism 2.0" vs "sarcastic retort x" all you want, but you're not really making a substantive argument by doing it.


Are you making a coherent defense of anything by saying all of this, or what?


I dont even like being 'connected' to any academy. if you look at my post above i think you can infer my position on who is and who isn't 'part of the academy' i think 'academy' is a ridiculous idea. i would say people actually affected by IR policies have more of a right to consider themselves part of the 'academy' than most scholars and students.


I saw no peniswaving. Consult Dr. Freud on that one, you're daydreaming.


Honestly Borky, i meant no disrespect to anyone here, gimmick is a jerk, and not making sense, so i just thought she deserved a taste of her own medicine.That and I was soooo amused by the statement that waltz is realism in the academy because its sort of true and untrue at the same time and the irony slays me in like 8 ways.


As for treating like idiots, well i wasn't trying to say that you're an idiot or anybody else; but you are sure acting like one now. accusing people of peniswaving and so on seems above you, i think the word for whats going on here is projection.


Oh and also sophmoric


ps. Scu i think you're confused because he was talking to me, the gradschool peniswaving thing might have been directed at somebody else i dont know.

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are you all done discussing who is academic and who is not yet? i was really interested in the discussion of realism's application to this years topic...

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Realism's application to this years's topic


The application of various critiques of realism to cases on this years topic is essentially very much the same as it is on almost every domestic topic. There are some cases where it makes more sense than others. And a lot of the strengths in terms of articulating a link will stem from the specific ways that the aff case is constructed in the 1AC more than the actual policies themselves. An oversimplified example of this would be if the case is verdugo and advantage 1 is 'U.S. credibility and Perception arguements, maybe a pinch of hedge good/softpower even, realism is a much stronger arguement than in the next example. A verdugo aff with no mention of 'international perceptions' but instead just a long individual rights good advantage. One would obviously be a more compelling story than the other, though i think a couple of people have already said that a link story might still exist. Judges who are less critical will have a hard time seeing a link to a lot of these affs.



Gimmick- You're right that democracy promotion is realist in some ways because the underlying motivation is power politics. To add something to the debate about democracy promotion; the american national style in world politics is notoriously, almost stereotypically defined by the political need for moral superiority. (you know this)


The aspects of democracy promotion that resemble kantian liberalism, as well as the entire idea of democracy promotion are both realist ideas. Democracy promotion is entirely self serving while trying to claim to be stemming from ideas of equality, morality, and cooparation and world peace, Its the same kind of realism that created the domino theory and the great game. While framing that picture rhetorically as : "Humanitarian and morally motivated." There are tons of reasons realism is present in democracy promotion, or even human rights promotion by the U.S. Liberalism is the 'raison d'etre' but realism is still the underlying motivation. Funny episode of southpark called 'i'm a little bit country' about the iraq war, its not completely on point but its close to being relevant.



I wouldn't run realism much this year and instead would focus on alternative strategies unless the link story is just glaring at you in a round.


In the case of hegemony, well you could run realism bad against most hedge good authors but that wouldnt require it to be in 'kritik form' a. link b.etc. but rather just as a part of your hedge bad impact turns. Providing your other turn authors are fairly consistent with your critical ones, saying 'turn with hedge bad' is about as vauge as saying 'turn it with something'

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