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*Now only $2.50


Spark is back! Get your "nuke war good" on with this fully prepped file! Features include:


--"Fake K" 1NC: Trick your opponents into reading their answers to kritiks of nuclear war with this stylish 1NC Shell! Loaded with fancy buzzwords and high theory mumbo-jumbo to discombobulate even the brightest 17 year old!


--Extensive 2NC Blocks: Don't settle for a one-and-done Spark file! With these blocks, let them prep all they want! You'll be ready to take it all the way through the rebuttals.


--Updates! The newest and hottest cards on the "nuke war doesn't cause extinction" debate! Add it to your ocean biodiversity 1AC and let the wins roll in!

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You should get more updated cards. You only need one answer to this. The old evidence doesnt take in to account all of the new and more powerful nukes


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